Texting will never be the same: Text + Awesome Images = Lango

By Lynn Ponder: Its fascinating learning about technology and the different options that keep popping up that engage all of us one way or another. I had the opportunity to talk to Jennifer Grenz, VP of Mobile for a tech company called Lango —formally Zlango—the provider of a unique mobile app for visual messaging with dynamic content, launching its new mobile application for iPhone and Android users today!

What is Lango Jennifer? Lango comes from “Language to Go” and Lango is the company and the Mobile App. “We have built a platform that while you are texting a person, we run an algorithm in the background that finds out the emphasis of the message, which word is the most important in that sentence and then we offer you auto suggestion of different messages. The user has the opportunity to change the emphasize word as well as change the different image. We put that together in a nice package and we call it Sparks. Sparking is the action of sending something with some attitude. What is really cool is when you look through the screen you kind of get a visual summary of the conversation based on the images that were used and that is a neat way to view your conversation”.

“We have two ways of using Lango as we also allow people to create posters and publish them to social networks, we give them their own backgrounds, adding your own text, change the color, and size of that text to publish on Twitter, Facebook, said Jennifer Grenz”.

Lango is the first company to summarize daily happenings and social communications by transforming them into relevant textable images. Lango app also supports ‘meme’ like social sharing, giving users the freedom to make social commentary on Facebook and Twitter. Its proprietary ‘Essence Engine’ continuously proposes customized images to personalize each message, eliminating the need for lengthy search within a large, unsorted collection of images. Images can be used to emphasize a feeling or expression, or summarize the idea of an entire text. With its frictionless user interface and innovative navigation, Lango turns message creation into unique, fun and visual art.

Types of Lango messages include:
Spark: Lango supports the sending and sharing of “banner-like” images that capture the essence of the text messaging. When a text is created with Lango, the app interprets the focus of the message, automatically inserting an image associated with the text. The user can change the emphasized word or flip through different images to find just the right one that expresses their true intent. (Peer-to-peer texting)

Flair: Lango offers word-over-picture, meme-like images that are easy to share on Facebook, and Twitter. Choose a background or insert your own photo, write a slogan and add some ‘flair’ to show exactly what you mean.

“Standard texting is old school and boring,” said Dr. Udi Graff, Lango’s Chairman & CEO. “Even the ability to send free messages is standard these days, but Lango elevates it to the next level. Lango generates fresh daily content that turn what’s happening right now into unique messageble images. Lango is a unique platform for its users’ self-expression.”

You basically have the freedom to make social commentary or show off your own personal spark by taking Lango themes or your own photo and creating a visual life for your thoughts to share with the world.

Wishing the Lango team much success taking the lead in redefining what it means to send a message. We also would like to invite our viewers to download FREE Lango app and start Sparking each other WEPA! You can also follow Lango on Twitter and Like Lango on Facebook.