What woman doesn’t like to look pretty?

By Linda Ponder: What woman doesn’t like to look pretty? Make up is about enhancing our features, I think that one of the first things people look at is our eyes and this is why mascara is a beauty must-have. Women love it for the instant impact it delivers and as I tried Neutrogena’s new Healthy Length Mascara and their Crease Proof Eye Shadow between the two I could see it instantly revive and brighten my eyes!

And of course last but definitely not least we love coloring our lips don’t we? You just don’t put make up on your face and walk away without that final touch of lipstick. Well, your going to love Neutrogena’s Moisture Smooth color stick for many reasons, first it goes on like silk because it has a balm-like formula that provides a sheer wash of moisturizing color that last for hours, while continuously conditioning them so they are softer and smoother in just 3 days with nothing on them. In addition, the twist up package allows for perfect application each time with no sharpener needed. I love wearing this lipstick. MUAH!

I am a Latina woman and love the fact that we are making a difference around the world, inspiring helping others and being Ambassadors for different products that are truly good for our Latino community. And with this said I would like to introduce you to, Elizabeth Ulloa, the first Hispanic Beauty Ambassador for Neutrogena. As the official makeup artist she will be the new beauty ally of Hispanic women, lending her make-up expertise and sharing skincare tips and beauty secrets through videos, social media and interviews as well as event appearances. She will address the specific skin needs of Latinas bringing the expansive Neutrogena product portfolio right to their fingertips.

Elizabeth Ulloa, first Hispanic Beauty Ambassador for Neutrogena:

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