CIRC-CELL at Club Essentia Miami Beach

By Lynn Ponder: Have you ever been at the Delano Hotel penthouse in Miami Beach? If you have, you know that the view is stunning and imagine how complimentary it could be during your time to relax at the Delano Spa Club Essentia.

A fabulous invite arrived via mail and it always puts a smile on my face when people I do not know reach out with a generous proposal which will inevitably end up on my blog, because the world has so many things to offer, taste, view and enjoy that I am one happy person to experience and share. Cut to meeting Claire Gross, a specialist in skincare and an account executive at CIRC-CELL SkinCare. At my arrival I did a little Vine video to show you the calm and wonderful setting at the Club Essentia Spa in preparation for some love and care for my face.

Club Essentia at Delano Miami Beach::

Did you know that excessive exfoliation causes dryness, thins the skin and causes premature aging robing skin of its natural ability to replenish itself? Well, CIRC-CELL know’s this which is why they are the new science of skin care. By improving skin density with a brilliant, balanced chemistry CIRC-CELL makes skin resilient and supple.

How do they do this? CIRC-CELL new science builds up and optimizes, stimulates the skin’s natural restorative power and returns it to a state of vibrance, balance, health, density and youth. I experienced a 60 minute “Red Carpet Ready” Pro-Dew Facial, an anti-aging and lifting facial that improved my skin density, left skin glowing, hydrated which conditioned and maximized my cell repair. It was like a little mini uplift of my skin.

Love the CIRC-CELL concept and I was told that some of the investors behind this new science include Mr. Suit and Tie, Justin Timberlake and his beautiful wife Jessica Biel. Very cool!

CIRC-CELL is only available at the moment at Club Essentia but in other cities they can be experienced at The Four Season Hotels Spa. CIRC-CELL is a luxury brand that is worth a try and promises to counter aging effects with essential restoration, renewal and replacement.

I am starting to use the CIRC-CELL rejuvenating eye gel Claire applied as part of the facial treatment and its looking and feeling really GOOD :) Thank you lots CIRC-CELL for this lovely experience! Much success at Club Essentia and chicas you should book yourself a day of pampering and experience the Spa services, you will thank me later WEPA!

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