Latinas Helping Each Other Series

By Lynn Ponder: As part of my job responsibilities covering events from a social media point of view, I am fortunate to attend conferences every week that inspire and educate me. As a matter of fact, one of the ways I learn most about social media marketing is through the wonderful people I get to meet and by the brilliant minds that participate as speakers.

Last week was a crazy busy week that started with The Influential Women of Latin Music Luncheon featuring an exclusive Q&A with International Music Star Natalia Jimenez followed by non-stop events: The Latin Billboards Music Conference and Award Show, Guest Appearance on LAURA@ Online Talk Show, Speaking Engagement for Latin America Social Link Conference and Carnaval Miami Sponsors Appreciation Luncheon where I interviewed Coca-Cola, Pantin/Beber Silverstein, Amscot Financial and Mr. 305 Record Label represented by Fito Blanko and I even got to attend and outstanding conference called iStrategy. Ufffff, but grateful for every minute of my busy work life and for all the people that help me through my journey. GRACIAS!

Coming back to the reason of this post, totally inspired by Nely Galán, Founder of the Adelante Movement, as I mention in two previous posts. I am starting a series titled: “Latinas Helping Each Other” and maybe Nely can use the series to track her message of how Latinas are really helping each other or not and if we are buying from each other!!! I will be featuring different Latina entrepreneurs, like I did with Ivette Mayo, Laura Termini and Dania Santana.

Taking advantage of the conferences I attend I will bring back recommendations and tips for all Latinas growing their small business dreams online through the power of social media communication. Example of this is an interview I did at iStrategy with the amazing Mari Smith, Facebook Marketing Expert and author. I asked Mari to share 3 things that Latina Bloggers could be doing to improve engagement on their Facebook pages:

Mari Smith:

Stay tuned for much more to come for my series “Latinas Helping Each Other” WEPA!!!

Thank you con amollll ❤!