Saludos, Yo Soy Expressions!

By Lynn Ponder: Last year at LATISM in Houston and this year at Hispanicize in Miami, mega powerhouse Nely Galán, shared her powerful message through her platform Adelante Movement. Some of the messages that got embedded in my brain:

LATINAS are the economic emerging market in this Country
LATINAS do not depend on prince charming (who really does not exist) to make dreams come true
LATINAS need to buy from each other so we become powerfully united and prosper in this Country
LATINAS united can make a difference towards a better world of prosperity and tranquility for all of our families

I am inspired to start a series titled “Latinas Helping Each Other” where I will feature LATINA entrepreneurs with the hope that Latinas support each other more and start buying from each other :)

Mi Gente let me please introduce you to the love and craft that goes into “Yo Soy Expressions” adorable notes cards that celebrate culture, language and traditions uniquely designed by LATINA business owner Ivette Mayo. YSE celebrates the essence of La Mujer LATINA, you will want to send one out immediately and believe me the other end will smile!

Nely Galán I hope you get to read this because I believe that YSE could be a perfect case study for Adelante Movement to track how LATINAS are helping other LATINAS starting with this awareness campaign I am launching today for YSE trying to introduce and connect Latinas so they can buy from each other. Chicas vamos ayudar a Ivette y comprar tarjetas para nuestras madres ya que se acerca el día de Las Madres! Yo creo que serîa perfecto enviarle una YSE tarjetita a tu mama, a que si :)

Ivette Mayo was inspired by the incredible women in her life and those who played a very important role in defining her. With love and admiration, these cards are a celebration of each strong, hardworking, loving, praying, creative, dynamic LATINA I call… mami, tia abuela prima Hermana madrina comadre y amigas!

Ivette Mayo:

Please meet my friend: Ivette Mayo who is the President and Chief Creative Officer of Yo Soy Expressions. She is noted Latina MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER known as an EMPOWERMENT EXPERT on a host of topics such as
business strategies, leadership, diversity and the entrepreneurial spirit. AS a KEYNOTE SPEAKER,
her energetic and humorous style helps her connect with her audiences and makes her a favorite at
client conferences, meetings, and training.

Y ahora a ordenar tarjetas!!! If you have a contact with another small business that might benefit from selling YSE cards line to their clients please let us know with a comment on the blog and by contacting Ivette Mayo on her site and share this post with all your LATINA family and friends okis:

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness, we thank you/GRACIAS from the heart ❤ ! Juntas somos mas poderosas asi que ayudarnos se ha dicho!!! Cuentan con nosotras siempre ❤ !