Can you buy Self Esteem?

By Lynn Ponder: I think that as we age we need to do whatever makes us feel good and if that means a little touch up here and there, so be it. Our society is fueled by everything that is beautiful so honestly we want to look the best we can with what we have but a little help goes a long way with our self esteem don’t you think?

All women deserve to age gracefully and we can help each other by sharing our experiences getting beautified through simple cosmetic procedures with the best people in town, I mean my town Miami.

Mi gente please meet one of the best dermatologists in Miami who offers cosmetic services, Dra. Leyda E. Bowes, MD, PA. I had the pleasure to interact with her and actually get services performed. Yes, I had the procedure called Botox and although I have had this done by several other doctors in town, many things were pleasantly different this time. I decided to interview her so you could learn a little bit about who she is and why she is so good at was she does.

Lynn: Leyda I feel that you take time to discuss the procedure so the patient can understand exactly what will take place and what to expect.

Leyda: I think it’s very important to teach the patient. The patient is the most important student that we have. The patient does not know about dermatology. They might be experts in astrophysics or a school teacher, but they don’t know about our field and they don’t know about their skin. It’s important to give them that little extra time so that they know what they’re suffering, for a week or for their lifetime. For example, someone might come with wrinkles on their face, and they want to have Botox, fraxel laser, and they also have acne rosacea. It’s important to treat the medical condition and teach them why it is treated a certain way, which ensures that they are compliant with the treatment. Overall they get better, as does their skin, and then we move on to the cosmetic treatment. That is something that we have to explain how it works, what to expect, how to prepare for possile side effects, what the outcome will be, and work together towards the realistic outcome that we want.

Lynn: What is your specialty and your preferred treatment to execute?

Leyda: We offer the full spectrum of cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatology. This includes skin cancer screenings, full body skin exams, acne treatment, eczema, acne rosacea. I enjoy the cosmetic and laser part of dermatology, and the surgical part as well, so it’s kind of a combination. I like being a doctor, and a have a couple of clinics that are surgical. I really enjoy as it trains my surgical skills, and more so with my patients.

Lynn: Do you feel that your client base is towards women or are you open to treating men?

Leyda: A good part of our patients are women, but we are having more and more men as our patients. while men do look cute and handsome with wrinkles, but at some point they do get a little bit apprehensive and want to improve their appearance. Women are maintaining themselves so well that I have forty and fifty and sixty year old women who look amazing, while their husbands are lagging behind, so they bring their husbands in to catch up with them.

Lynn: You have a very friendly and efficient staff. I could feel the dedication, in a very organized environment.

Leyda: Thank you, it is not easy to do. My staff understands that we are a medical office, and when patients come to a medical office, they want to feel a certain comfort level and to be respected and taken care of. This medical office tends to be more welcoming than a general medicine. We’re geared towards more of the cosmetic procedures that they do, and don’t want them to have apprehension before they have an injection of filler or Botox. It’s important to keep that in mind. We have a protocol in line with the front desk always greeting the patient, to get the paperwork ready. The staff is use to always asking the patient how they’re feeling, if the temperature is good for them or not, if they’d like something to drink. There is also a relaxation area where they can have their own privacy, watch television, have refreshments, and the rooms are comfortable as well. Depending on what they do, they might stay here for hours doing the coolsculpting, so we bring them healthy food to eat while they’re having the treatment, have them watch television.

Check out Dra. Leyda E. Bowes discussing the latest dermal filler, BELOTERO® on Al Rojo Vivo show which I will try soon in my upper lip and share my results wepa!

Chicas we highly recommend you visit Dra. Leyda E. Bowes office in Coconut Grove at the Mercy Medical Building and when you call for the appointment please mention webcitygirls sent you for a 20% discount wepa! I also want to close saying that I am sooooo happy with my treatment, made my face glow and refresh which makes me look younger and happier :)

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