Devious Maids = Latina Leads Celebration!

By Lynn Ponder: One of the things that I love about my job is the fabulous opportunities I get to experience and learn about events that impact our culture through “new music, new entertainment shows among others”. I am lucky to get to interview actors, actresses, singers, and producers. Just recently I attended the new television comedy-drama series Devious Maids screening which is based on the hit Mexican telenovela Ellas son la Alegría del Hogar, and executive produced by “Eva Longoria, Marc Cherry, Sabrina Wind, Paul McGuigan, Larry Shuman, David Lonner, John Mass, Paul Presburger and Michael Garcia”.

I am proud that a Latina is one of the Executive Producers of this show (Eva Longoria) and that Creator, Marc Cherry decided to hire 5 amazing talented Latinas to be the leads on Devious Maids. The all star cast is played by Roselyn Sanchez (“Without a Trace”) , Ana Ortiz (“Ugly Betty”) , (Dania Ramirez “Entourage”), and Judy Reyes (“Scrubs”) and Edy Ganem (“Livin’ Loud”). I linked their names to their Twitter accounts please follow them okis! This show airs on June 23 at 10pmET on Lifetime an American Cable Television channel.

No matter what critics have to say about stereotypes in this series there is an audience for Devious Maids and if a show or movie ditching Latinas stereotypes is made it will also be welcome, so ADELANTE produce your story dream and we will support you as well. For now, I believe that the focus has to be about celebrating that Devious Maids is the First mainstream English-language television drama that features 5 LATINAS as main characters. A celebrar se ha dicho and believe that dreams come true!!!

Devious Maids pilot episode will be made available early on digital platforms beginning Sunday, June 9 in both English and with Spanish dubbing on and the Lifetime video watch app, as well as A+E Networks’ distribution partners’ VOD services, sites and apps. Network will make each subsequent episode available in both languages the day after its Sunday night airing…love this!

ORGULLO BORICUA = Roselyn Sanchez in this gorgeous pic from the set. Photography by Jim Fiscus:

At the screening I was able to do a fun voice interview with my Boricua friend Roselyn Sanchez who plays “Carmen Luna” one of the maids. I asked her about her relationship with Eva Longoria, and what message did she want to send out to her fans and followers:

I also had a phone call with supporting character actress Melinda Page Hamilton, “Odessa Burakov” in the series. “Odessa” who runs pop-star Alejandro Rubio household in a Russian militant order and where Roselyn’s character “Carmen Luna” gets hired but of course that she has a ladder climbing agenda, but you will have to see the series to find out okis!

Let me share some of my lovely chatting with Melinda Page Hamilton aka’ “Odessa” who is a recent mom, lives in Los Angeles and is originally from New York. I asked her about the meaning of her limp on the show and she said it plays into her rigid inflexible character, but the mystery will unravel as the show progresses. Her character is a person who not only has high standards for herself, but also for everyone else that is in contact with her. It seems that in the show her character and Roselyn’s have more in common than we think right now.

Melinda Pages Hamilton as “Odessa Burakov” on the set. Photography by Guy D’Alema:

I wanted to know if Melinda had ever met Eva and it turned out that as a matter of fact Melinda had played a nun on Desperate Housewives where Eva Longoria set fire in a church. I mentioned that this could have helped her land this new opportunity, and she thought so too!

Since Odessa character plays directly into Roselyn’s character I wanted to know about their relationship on set. She said they are both new Mom’s so have a lot of mommy talks on set and lots of laughing. Melinda speaks highly of Roselyn and enjoys her very much on set and actually said it was hard to maintain the rigidity of her character with Roselyn’s fun personality!!!

Her dream is that the show takes off that people enjoy, laugh, get captivated by the mystery, and intrigued by Devious Maids. She also said that she needs to get on Twitter to engage with the audience, so I offered to give her a quick 101..of course!

I invite you all to tune into this show and if you like it, be part of making it a success engaging with them on Twitter and Facebook, so new opportunities will come to all the other amazing talented Latinas and Latinos that have big dreams and are just waiting for that door to open. ☺ GRACIAS!

Devious Maids Official Trailer: