Ya Probaste Esto?

By Lynn Ponder: #YaProbasteEsto? Is a great hashtag to promote a social marketing program by Procter and Gamble that extended to an event hosted by my Boricua blogger friend Astrid Rivera from LatinBlah. Bloggers are being sought-out by brands to host different promotional events, and let me tell you that it works!!! The brand gets lots of exposure online on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and pics of this fun experience are shared on Instagram, TwitPic and even Vine.

Astrid invited me to attend #YaProbasteEsto, a two-hour beauty pampering fun time at the fabulous Gabriel Samra salon in Coral Gables. They set-up 3 different stations that included hairdo, massage and make-up. Of course that wine and delicious appetizers where part of the mix, which is why we were picked-up by drivers to insure our safe arrival and departure. We were all offered VIP treatment while being entertained and pampered with P&G products.

The marketing ingenuity of this idea engages each blogger with every beauty treatment experienced during the showcase of P&G products by Olay, Pantene and Covergirl. One of my favorite moments was when I got to experience getting glam hair by Pantene celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Samra:

To add to our girlie special beauty time, celebrity stylist, Irma Martinez a P&G brand ambassador, was there to share the latest fashion trends and how to combine colors and accessories for the summer. Irma also explained in a super cool way some of P&G product benefits. Loved meeting Irma and learning how to mix and match what I have in my walking closet wepa!!

At the end of this fantastic event our goodie bags had tons of outstanding P&G products plus a Publix gift card I can’t wait to use.

Astrid thank you so much for this lovely invitation! You are a great host amiga ☺

Mi gente stay tuned that @webcitygirls will be announcing soon hosting of a fun brand event for digital influencers in July wepa!