#CulturalEvolution Series

Miami continues to evolve in the arts becoming the “IT” place for prestigious events such as Art Basel among many others. I recently was invited to a new cultural and relevant event from the recently created Copperbridge Foundation. Their mission is to promote cultural and educational exchange through the medium of artistic expression.

From Cuba’s thriving artistic community, to remote artist colonies in Brazil, the Cooperbridge Foundation is building a bridge through the arts. With the generous support of the community they presented the first in its kind “The Cultural Evolution Series”.

More than 200 people united at Studio 255 in Wynwood to experience delicious flavors, music and art at this amazing event that as a matter of fact was FREE and the foundation only asked people to dress in white. The festivities included an outstanding performance of a modern dance choreography by DanzAbierta, Cuban Urban Latin artist Descemer Bueno, an Art Exhibition by Noel Morera Cruz, the smooth sounds of DJ Eric Paredes and a silent auction with pieces from the Sounds Like Art series, and renown Puerto Rican artist Meme Ferre.

The Miami performance will come on the heels of collaboration between the Copperbridge Foundation and Chicago, IL based Hedwig Dances, a contemporary dance theater ensemble and Chicago based, non-profit Art Encounter.

Miami based Copperbridge Foundation is developing a full calendar of programs, activities and cultural exchanges. There next event will be coming to Miami again in September 2013 with award-winning Retazos Dance Theater Company.

Geo Darder-CBF, Rene Costas-CBF, Julian Valdez, Luis Canales and Gary James

Congratulations to Geo Darder, founder of the Cooperbridge Foundation and a visionary determined to make dreams come true. Kudos to the phenomenal Foundation advisory board members: Julia Stiles, Jackson Browne, Maria Caso, and Maria Botta.

Mi Gente nos vemos en Septiembre!