Meet New Young Star Shauna Case

Shauna Case is now the new star power on Hollywood’s radar with a new-found fame achieved through a combination of country-girl likeability, bold individuality and a deep hunger for success.

Shauna has become a Person of Interest. Her talents range from her superb comedic timing on the small screen to singing catchytunes to which you instantly want to singalong, and a passion to inspire others to achieve their dreams. It hasn’t gone unnoticed;the heavens have realigned for this star on the rise.

Shauna Case was born in San Diego, California, but spent most of her youth in Erie, Pennsylvania.She began singing and acting at the age of ten in theatre productions. She was quickly recognized for her natural talents and cast in lead roles in numerousplays. She was also selected for the Erie Playhouse Showstoppers ambassador troupe where she continued to sharpen her acting and singing skills.

At the age of twelve, with a passion for performing, which burnt brighter than most, Shauna and her family moved to Los Angeles, the sparkling hub of the universe, to give her an opportunity to shine. She began studying dance, which complimented her other performance talents –acting and singing. Shauna secured her place among the Hollywood tweens as a solid-gold triple-threat.

Along with numerous commercials, Shauna has appeared on top-rated television shows such as American Horror Story and was cast in the ensemble of Cartoon Network’s Incredible Crew, a half-hour live-action sketch comedy show created by Nick Cannon.

Not one to rest on her laurels and unwilling to give acting or dancing precedence over her singing, Shauna worked with Grammy-nominated and Billboard Award-winning producer Eddie Galan (High School Musical andHannah Montana soundtracks)on her debut self-titled EP. Shauna worked closely with Galan and writers Adia Haynie and Alex Niceforo on the songs, earning a co-writing credit on all but one of the tracks. She felt that it was important for her to connect with the song’s subject matter in order to make it relatable for her audience. Her first single and video, “Some Kind of Fairytale,” will easily hookyou in with its catchy melody and youthful lyrics.

Shauna’s music glitters like a rare gem among the ever-evolving cross-pollinationof pop and country music.Produced in Los Angeles rather than the favored heart of country music, Nashville, Shauna’s work has a broad, cinematic scope.

Her music creates a sonic landscape of electric guitars and powerful vocals. The pop country aesthetic perfectly reflects the inherent theme in Shauna’s EP; a perceived struggle to leave her country roots behind to discover what is beyond the horizon. Her debut EP is slated for release in June 2013. When not in the studio or in front of the camera, Shauna is lending her likeness and voice to causes close to her heart. She is currently a celebrity ambassador for SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education).

More information can be found online at Her goal in her career and in her philanthropic work is to inspire other young people to be strong, work hard, and to know that their dreams are in reach.

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