Nuevo País, Nueva Vida

Nuevo Pais, Nueva Vida es un nuevo sito en la web con valiosa información sobre inmigración en Yahoo! En Español creado en colaboración con Western Union con consejos prácticos de expertos dirigido a los hispanos en los Estados Unidos.

Con artículos informativos como el de la exactivista colombiana Katherine Vargas, curtida en la lucha contra leyes antiinmigrantes en Estados Unidos ahora es la nueva voz de Obama para los latinos en EE.UU.

Desde la experiencia de Sofi Jaramillo sobre las cosas que la sorprendieron al mudarse a EE.UU a informacion valiosa “Cambios en el proceso de reclamacion familiar para residentes permanentes“.

Press Release Oficial:
Yahoo! en Español has launched Nuevo País, Nueva Vida, a new web site on Yahoo! Noticias designed to simplify the immigration experience for millions of Hispanics living in the U.S. In collaboration with Western Union, Nuevo País, Nueva Vida provides educational information about the immigration process through editorial articles, slideshows, videos, and more.

Users can find news and opinions from legal experts and Yahoo!’s seasoned editors on topics such as obtaining permanent residency, requesting a tourist visa, securing healthcare and other insurance coverage, and creating a budget to live in the U.S. The site also features advice and tools on how to support and connect with family and friends back home.

“We are always thinking about how to better serve the daily habits of our Hispanic users, and a collection of resources on immigration topics and tips on how to succeed in the U.S. was a natural addition to Yahoo! en Español,” said Javier Garcia, General Manager of Yahoo! U.S. Hispanic. “We are excited to work with Western Union and hope that, together, we will help inspire and empower people to improve their lives.”

“We’re very excited to help launch this go-to immigration resource,” said Laston Charriez, senior vice president of marketing, Americas, Western Union. “It has something for everyone, including breaking news, information on new laws , a blog with useful immigration tips, videos and so much more.”

Nuevo País, Nueva Vida is available via desktop computers and mobile phones on Yahoo! en Español (

Aplausos para Yahoo y Western Union making it easy for #latinos to access valuable information :)


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