An Fun Interview with Ingrid Hoffmann!

By Lynn Ponder: I was invited to meet and interview the fabulous Ingrid Hoffmann who has made a name for herself through her passion for food and lovely personality. Ingrid is a beloved TV personality with her own show on The Food Network titled Simply Delicioso and on Univision. Inspired by her fans from the Hispanic and American Market she became a book author launching her second book titled LATIN D’LITE.

So let’s get real about Latin food now, Latin food is known for its varied flavors, wide use of spices, root vegetables, exotic fruits, “frituras” and of course, “arroz con pollo”. Ingrid Hoffman talks about her new Latin D’Lite book with a healthier twist and I hope you enjoy as much as I did, plus she recorded a message for all of our amigas and gave us her new book to giveaway WEPA!

LYNN: Was your second book writing experience different from the first time around?

INGRID: Yes it was because the first book I had no clue what I was doing. But because my team executed it so well and I had such a great editor and publisher it all just worked and everyone loved it. This time was scarier because I knew what I was getting into and I knew I had to surpass the first book, but I do believe we did but we will know by our public.

Lynn: Yo no se cocinar, pero what’s that one kitchen item you think every cook should have on hand?

Ingrid: A pressure cooker because you can throw anything in it and in 20 minutes be having an amazing meal that you didnt need to necessarily pre-plan.

Lynn: Tremendo resuelve! Chica, who is your culinary inspiration?

Ingrid: My mother and my father too. My mother is a cordon blue trained chef, so I learned from her since I was a child and I grew up in her business which was a catering company and a restaurant. My father was an amazing cook, actually this book is really the concept of eating of my father. He always told us to eat real food, he was ahead of his time, beacuse back in the day nobody thought like that. He would say “Hija no repitas mas arroz, come mas ensalada, quitale una tajada de pan, come poco pan y toma mas agua”. So this book is very much inspired by that little voice that says “No more rice eat this instead”.

Lynn: In this digital area do you use or recommend any apps related to kitchen measurements or ingredients?

Ingrid: I don’t really cook with measurements or with recipes, that takes away the fun out of the kitchen for me, but I cook from a very different place. I don’t even follow my own recipes cause I don’t need to, it just depends on my mood, what I’m mixing and doing and I go tasting and then add. But we do have the DELICIOSO app that we created for people that need all the help. I think there are amazing apps out there for the people that need to cook from a hand book. I have one sister that doesn’t dare to walk into a kitchen without having the recipe written down and she follows that recipe to the tea. So I understand the need for the apps, DELICIOSO is a fun app and it is free, you can download from your Apple store.

Lynn: Who are your favorite people to host at home?

Ingrid: People I love, friends and family. I don’t like cooking for crowds. I never liked cooking in my restaurant, I really didn’t, it’s cooking under stress, it’s very impersonal you don’t know the person. I like to cook for people that I know, because then I know what they like and what they don’t like and I kind of adapt it, it’s about nurturing them and loving them and treating them to a meal.

Lynn: What do you hope your readers will get of your new book Latin D’Lite?

Ingrid: That they change their hard drive, by that I mean that if you do about 5 recipes of the book I think you are going to immediately get what it is that I am doing and that then you are going to be able to use your own recipes the ones you have made your whole life and make some changes trading off for healthier ingredients without sacrificing flavor. To give you an example, I have lessen the quantities of oil and I lengthen the liquid by either adding vegetable stock or chicken stock. It’s a practical application for your daily life and I’m not telling you to do something difficult quite the opposite, I think that once you get the hang of what it is, it’s really changing how you eat and how you think of food.

Mi gente we learned lots and met an amazing woman, Ingrid Hoffmann who is making our world a healthier place. We invite you to purchase her new book and change your hard drive as she mentions for a healthier and happier life!

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