The Highlight Of My 2013 Summer

By Linda Ponder: I think I am correct to believe that for most of us, one of life’s sweetest memories are those spent with the people you love, family and friends.

I have been divorced for 7 years. My wonderful son who is now 16 years old had always lived with me, but my son, his father and I, decided that for a season my son was to go live with his Dad who is located in the opposite side from where I live in Florida. My son has been flying down to Miami to see me for the past several months, but he is now playing football at school and told me that he would not be able to come down to see me over the summer because he would be training the entire summer. I was crushed for a moment, cause you see, I love to pamper my son by cooking his favorite dishes, singing together and racing our Traxxas which are the fastest and most fun radio control cars. I thought to myself, how am I going to cook without my pressure cooker, sing without our guitars and do the car racing without our cars? Well, I could take everything with me, but on the plane? Certainly not! My car has over 125,000 miles so there was no way I would feel safe driving all those miles.

My Son in the Ford Escape:

The answer to all my questions was our social media collaboration and relationship we have with the amazing Ford Motor Company. They loaned me a Ford Escape 2013 to test drive and you have no idea how cool this was for us. With the HAND-FREE LIFTGATE, I was able to easily accommodate all I needed for a fun vacation. With the SYNC, I was able to listen to an audible book I had wanted to listen for the longest time, which was great company on this 10 hour drive. And to put the icing on the cake, the ECOBOOST FOUR-CYLINDER saved me money on fuel which meant I would have extra “dinerito” to spend with my son ☺

Special memorable family times:

I must say that when a company cares this much about people to extend a hand and make a difference in their life so they could spend time together, they deserve to be as successful as Ford Motor Company has been for the past 150 years. Thank you so much Ford Motor Company, my family and I will never forget that you made it possible and without a doubt it was the best time and without question, an unforgettable 2013 Summer :)

Mark my ex-husband who is a great man and we are the best of friends:


Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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