Sharpen Your Leadership Skills at #Destinos2013

I believe that leadership skills, relationships team building, vision and strategy, are great responsibilities that come with the title of a great leader. Whether it is to lead a company, a committee, a family, or a nation, one requires good leadership skills to get things done and to direct the creative energy of people towards success. Being that we are living in an age of “digital information” the quantity of it is staggering however, not all is valid, useful, or accurate. This is why it is so important to listen to reliable sources like AARP at their annual workshop called Destino 2013 “Tools for Success”.

The Destino initiative originally started in 2010 as a program to help promote the development of new leaders within the South Florida area. It’s aim is to help connect opinion leaders with developing leaders in the community through a yearly main event. It is a leadership academy with the intention of enhancing the participation and leadership of community representatives in various areas of social interaction and decision making.

Hope to see you there, as I will be attending to sharpen my own leadership skills!



Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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