What Are They Tweeting?

A journey of love, passion and determination, that is what webcitygirls// 3.0 Evolution is all about. I have been told that I am a master at reinvention, but let me tell you that creating a brand has been the most challenging experience in my life. It allowed me to enrich my knowledge to better understand life, people behaviors, business insights and push myself to my limits to perform at my very best creating a new business model, while still learning and experimenting in the social space.

webcitygirls// 3.0 was launched softly on Thursday, October 3, while all glitches were quickly being corrected, specially mobile had to work perfectly. Thankful to my digital guru MHH and to amazing supporters/believers hispanicad.com who published our news release, as well as our publicist nevarezpr.com who ROCKS.

Proud to share a compilation of tweets we received which makes our heart explode with gratefulness for all these wonderful people who believe and LIKE our platform: GRACIAS – Thank you – Obrigado – Merci – Xiéxie – Arigato – Grazie :)

webcitygirls// has a positive voice that cares about making the world a better place through the power of connectivity. webcitygirls// feels this is just the beginning of 3.0 evolution, as there is so much goodness to share with the world. Blessings to all from the heart ♥!

Last but not least a truly inspiring and dear friend Sean Gardner aka’ @2morrowknight Facebook generous Status update..so grateful!


GRACIAS – Thank you – Obrigado – Merci – Xiéxie – Arigato – Grazie :)

Author: Lynn Ponder

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