George Clooney: “Reasons Why Famous People are on #Twitter”

Hola George! I heard Lara Spencer from GMA my favorite morning show, say that “George Clooney doesn’t understand why famous people are on Twitter”. As a fan and as a social media reporter, I respectfully need to say that I think you are missing the facts about a new world that is all about social connectivity. I believe that the reason talented artists become famous is because of the ability to draw people’s attention by each marvelous interpretation, making worries go away as they entertain the audience through a mesmerizing performance. Bravo to you and many other artists!

People fall in love with the work of actors, singers, and that is how they become a public figure right? Well, as a matter of fact one of the most valuable tools Twitter offers famous people is a platform that allows real-time truthful communication and micro-blogging is a form of control privacy because you decide what type of worthy news to share with your audience. It does not have to be personal unless you want to share, which we know how private you are and most people are respectful of that.

Hollywood just like all other industries in the world are adapting to a new way of connecting with the target audience. Traditional marketing of your brand should include a social media marketing program in order to engage your audience and amplify your message with the objective of going viral. I believe that you do not need an actual interview with a reporter all the time to announce your amazing initiatives, your publicists could create outstanding social media programs with your brand for engagement with your fans. Call me, I have many ideas about creating a social press junket and the perfect network to create them on ☺

If you had a Twitter account I can guarantee that your fan base would multiply meaning that more people would go see your movies, follow and help your causes. Just by taping into the multicultural audience with a Tweet in Spanish or Italian would be a thrill for your fans. Its not necessarily about being famous or not on social, it helps of course, but if you have a good social strategy, engage truthfully, you might find it the perfect digital tool to spread all the social good you do and by your influence make our world a better place.

Some advice in case you decide to GO for it:

1-Celebrity Tweeting writing can be farm-out to your staffers but original ideas should come from you and tweet yourself at least once a day. Imagine a tweet from you on a set of one of your movies with a snapshot, it just takes it to another level of reality and that is how you distinguish your brand and create a kind of attraction that’s hard to beat.

2-Write about what is interesting to you and promote your movies, causes from the heart.

3-Exclusives: Let your fans know you care. Give them a peek into your upcoming projects. Be real and share pics from the set and just acknowledge them with a tweet.

4-Use Hashtags wisely and create a phrase or saying that fans can add their own spin to.

5-Build your community and use your influence for social good for a better world.

Social Media is about being truthful, inspiring and genuinely engaging. I wrote a quote when I first started learning about Twitter in 2009 and it is still retweeted from top social influencer and dear friend @2morrowknight. This quote was created created in 2011 when I wrote my experience about the  Power of Connectivity on Twitter!


George Clooney picture from The Daily Banter
Flyer quote design: Juan Tauber

Author: Lynn Ponder

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