How We Created NEW Type of Twitter Party!

It all started by Sprint Latino hiring webcitygirls// to giveaway Terra Live Music Prince Royce concert tickets. My brain went into social creativity mode and while researching for the best and most reasonable metrics software, I ran into a company called Nestivity. They built a tool called Tweetcast that lets you broadcast rich media alongside real-time tweets.

I watched their demo and realized the potential of creating a different type of Twitter Party, where I could create a visual story sharing videos and pictures to engage the audience in real-time in a way they had never experienced. Cut to a tweet to @Nestivity and the rest is history, as we partnered to launch a Different Type of Twitter Party on Monday, December 2, 2013.

Create a different and FUN type of Twitter Party/Fiesta to engage in real-time with a specific target audience for concert ticket and technology giveaways.

One day to develop an engaging bilingual storyline script and visual content about a beloved super star Latino artist. Four days to promote over the Thanksgiving Holiday, plus within timeframe I had a three-day commitment in Mexico City to cover/interview celebrities during the Teleton Mexico fundraising at Televisa Networks (an amazing experience and I can’t wait to be a part of Teleton USA live on Univision December 13 and 14, 2013).

Nestivity team offered 100% support in explaining the platform, as well as customizing to my creative needs. They also promoted on Twitter about this different way to use their tweetchat platform. Furthermore, because Nestivity pages are rapidly indexed and SEO optimized the Twitter Fiesta made it to Google prominently.


From our own archive of Prince Royce pictures, we designed a flyer to use as Facebook cover, Instagram, Twitter and Email. We distributed through a Facebook Event, posted on our Facebook wall, one-on-one Tweets, Instagram and announced initially via our blog including an updated post giving details about the NEW type of Twitter Fiesta that was about to happen. The engagement was amazing within the 16 to 25 years old demographic.

@webcitygirls Different Type of Twitter Fiesta Video Summary

Number of Unique Participants: 136
Number of Unique Tweets: 933
Number of Interactions: 2,139 (Tweets, Retweets, Mentions)
Number of Unique Accounts Reached: 213,342
#SprintLatino Impressions day of party: 2MM
@Webcitygirls Impressions week of party: 5.8MM
Event was promoted across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog
Over 10 Prince Royce music videos were shared
Users shared valuable feedback of what they want/love about Prince Royce
View the Twitter Fiesta online here:

webcitygirls// partnering again with Nestivity to host the Chicanol/Laura Termini #GreenHoliday Twitter Fiesta, December 11, 2013 at 8pm.

Expect webcitygirls// to continue creating new ways to engage with the audience online, using the latest technology and resources in the social space. We are grateful to our collaboration with Nestivity and plan to evolve our relationship with this amazing company to bring the audience real-time live and entertaining social content.

Mi Gente please know that we are open for business and looking forward to working with brands, causes, and celebrities that want to find new fun ways to reach their audience in social media while promoting a specific message organically.

Thank you for stopping by our site. We truly appreciate it wepa!

Author: Lynn Ponder

Founder webcitygirls//, Social Media Strategist, Social Content Producer, LATISM16 "Best Latina Network Leader", Tecla Awards 15 Three-Time Winner as Best Latina on Twitter, Best Entertainment Blogger, Most Creative, LATISM 13 Best Latina Micro-Blogger, TOP Digital Influencers LATISM 2016/2015/2014/2013/2012, TwitterPowerhouse Passionista by Huffington Post. Creator #UnstoppableLATINAS + MOVEMENT #BeNumberless #SerSinNumero