That Awkward Moment Experience!

I was invited to my first Hollywood independent movie press junket to accompany my dear friend Monica Mendoza, who is a journalist for several publications in Latin America including a TV Network out of Mexico.  Although she was the one conducting the interview with the main young actors for new movie That Awkward Moment, I briefly introduced myself to the actors and made sure to connect with the company coordinating, so next time I got a direct invite and could do my own interview wepa!

The movie is about three best friends who find themselves where we’ve all been– at that confusing “moment” in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?”

Written and Directed by Tom Gormican, THAT AWKWARD MOMENT co-stars Imogen Poots and Jessica Lucas. Scott Aversano is producing via his Aversano Pictures banner along with Andrew O’Connor, and Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen via the Treehouse Pictures Banner. The film is executive produced by Manu Gargi, Zac Efron, Jason Barrett, Michael Simkin, John Friedberg, Peter Schlessel and Lia Buman. The film is scheduled for release January 31, 2014.

Miami press junket took place at Soho Beach House with main actors Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan who conducted interviews all at once. They were as normal as it gets and very relaxed during the first stage which included one-on-one interviews with each press member followed by a general press conference attended by the Director Tom Gormican.

Here are some of their answers that captured my attention and I made sure to record them as the press was not allowed to take pictures with them or of them during the one-on-one or the general press conference. I managed to barely take these two pictures during the general press conference with my iPhone.


Milles Teller: It’s a great movie to take your girl because its about dating, relationships and there are some romantic moments, but its from a guys perspective, so guys are going to love this movie.  Its about three hilarious dudes getting through love.

Michael B. Jordan:  The good is that I do not have to tell anybody what I am doing, do not have to check my phone every 10 minutes in case I missed a text because you think I am cheating on you, I can play video games in my underwear as long as I want, the bad is that I come home and there is nobody there that really cares.

Zac Efron: As Executive Producer the only thing I was really capable of doing at this point was bringing great people around me. Tom was at the helm of this whole thing and I just backed him with anything he wanted to do. I was able to help with casting.  I am still figuring all this out as I go, I am learning on my feet. I am very proud this was the first one that I was an Executive Producer on.

It was hard to find material that I really found was authentic and worth making, but for some reason it was hard to find something that I really wanted to make.  It took me 3 to 4 years and finally I read Tom’s script and I said YES, this is it, we can do something here!!!

Writer and Director Tom Gormican: The hope is that people see a lot of different aspects of themselves dealing with relationships in each one of the characters sort of representative of different things.

Gormican penned the screenplay because he was interested in the idea of making a romantic comedy with a twist––the story would be told from the guys’ point of view. Using his years as a young, single New Yorker as a jumping off point, Gormican spun a story about three very different 20-somethings enjoying life in the big city while trying make their marks professionally and socially.

Bueno Mi Gente a ver la peli y me cuentan si les gusta okis!

Author: Lynn Ponder

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