Beauty PowerHouse @LorenRidinger Talks Romance!

Loren Ridinger and her husband JR are the founders of Market America | SHOP.COM  an internet company that serves more than 3 million customers and has over 180,000 Shop Consultants worldwide. The motivation of writing this post is because they just had Market America| SHOP.COM  2014 World Conference in Miami with over 20,000 Entrepreneurs attending and I was there and saw the enthusiasm and energy of this group of international people plus I experienced the Ridinger family on stage and they are very very passionate. Loren is a Mogul who is a force in the e-commerce business, a powerhouse in the fashion and beauty industry, a mother and wife.  I got to meet her in the media room and ask how does she balance her life and find romance, her answer was in a friendly manner and pretty honest:

Loren Ridinger is the creator of Motives® Cosmetics in partnership with Television star La La Anthony who unveiled their much-anticipated new 2014 Spring/Summer collection, Paparazzo, and additions to their award-winning cosmetics lines, Motives by Loren Ridinger and Motives for La La, just in time for the spring and summer seasons, to a warm welcome filled with excitement.

When La La completed her appearance on stage she walked into the media room energized and was very cordial with the press. She is a beautiful woman who happens to be from Puerto Rico like me wepa! I asked her what would Latinas like about the Paparazzo Collection and about her book “The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness”, which made it to number 1 in the NY Times Best Seller.

Lots to learn from these powerful successful women in every aspect of their lives. I can’t wait to share with them what webcitygirls is creating in the e-commerce space, because I have a feeling we are going to work on some projects soon.

This post is dedicated to a special Twitter colleague, Chris Windley, that motivated me and invited me to attend the Market America World Conference 2014. Also a shout out to wonderful Shop.Com group I met through Chris via Twitter, Danielle C. Mills, Michael Nelson, Rob and Joyce Jenkins.




Author: Lynn Ponder

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