Miami Fashion Week Talk with FAB Cynthia Bailey

Miami Fashion Week is coming up on May 15-18, 2014 and we have been getting the latest fashion news through our dear friends from Jambalaya Media Group who are working with the fabulous Cynthia Bailey. Cut to we got the opportunity to interview Cynthia and here is how it went down:

Lynn: Hello Cynthia,  it’s a pleasure to meet you and talk Fashion.

Cynthia: Thank you for the opportunity! I truly believe that Miami is becoming an important market for fashion and I thought it would be a great opportunity for myself and my school The Bailey Agency to partner with Miami Fashion Week to discover some of the amazing talent there. I am all about making dreams come true. Mine came true and I want to help others build and make their fashion dreams come true.

Lynn: What should models expect at Miami Fashion Week?

Cynthia: Miami is a really HOT fashion market in terms of getting discovered and an important presence in the fashion industry. That is mainly why I partnered to do Faces Of Fashion 2014 International Model Search through The Bailey Agency for Miami Fashion Week.

Lynn: Actually we have been promoting the model search. Ladies, read more here!  Let me ask you from a business point of view what is the benefit of The Bailey Agency attending Miami Fashion Week?

Cynthia: Fashion in Miami is relevant and from a business that handles models, Miami is an upcoming fashion scene and it is important being present and very timely to bring the model search to Miami Fashion Week.

The Bailey Agency has been around for three years and I have walked on all of the fashion weeks in the world, so I believe that being part of Miami Fashion Week brings credibility to the fact that you can find real models and get signed with modeling agencies.

Lynn: Is there a trend with models?

Cynthia: When it comes to models it changes all the time. First and foremost you have to have your own unique beauty because if you do, no matter what the trend is you can work in this industry.

My last model search winner is a gorgeous 16 year old striking young lady and she does not look like anyone else, but there are some girls with her look. I still think that the fashion industry is not so much about trends as such about unique sense of beauty and personal style.

Beauty is beauty, if you are 5’-10’’ and you stand out and you just have those striking features and that beautiful skin, regardless of what will be in the magazines you still can be a model even be a top model. It doesn’t matter, everybody brings their own thing!

When I started in the industry nobody really looked like me, so I just had my own thing going on and you just build upon that.  I think it is very individual and in terms of trends everybody has a shot if they have their own individual thing going on.

Lynn: Any scoop on Atlanta Housewives?

Cynthia: The final season show is on Sunday and the reunion is coming up! I think we all have to agree that its been a very dramatic season and the reunion will not disappoint.

Thank you so much Cynthia Bailey,  it was fun to talk Fashion with you :)


Author: Lynn Ponder

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