“Soy un Super Héroe Especial” by @Sofialachapelle

The award winner journalist Sofia Lachapelle announced today the launch of the non-profit organization “Un Paso a la Vez” and the book “Soy un Super Héroe Especial” on Thursday, April 10th at 11:00am at the EB-Hotel in Miami, FL.

The non-profit organization “Un Paso A La Vez”  is dedicated to parents and families in the Latino community that have a child or and adult with special needs. The 50% of its resources are dedicated to the Autism condition.

“Our goal is to inspire parents and families to believe in a better future for their loved ones, to become part of their lives in action, because parents are called to be the mentors, and best therapist for their children’s.“ Lachapelle, mother of two kids with autism said. “Un Paso a la Vez, will provide information, emotional support, therapies and all the tools for those people under the umbrella of what we called Special Families. The official website Unpasoalavez.com is in Spanish because we believed the Latino community needs more resources in our language.”

During the event, Sofia Lachapelle who is an active member of Autismspeaks and Best Buddies director board, along with @carlacuriel, founder of LANUGO, a Latino-inspired children’s entertainment company, will present UN PASO A LA VEZ’s book in Spanish “SOY UN SUPER HEROE ESPECIAL” that they co-authored and created to be an important tool, to detect, create awareness, and an invitation to love and care for those under the Autism spectrum. The book is in collaboration with LANUGO who illustrated this project.

UN PASO A LA VEZ proudly counts with a great team of professionals like speech, occupational, and behavior therapists; family psychologist, special needs teachers and volunteers with a caring hearth who contributes with their time and love to this cause.


Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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