From the 32nd Floor!

I am so glad Home Depot approached me for my first-ever DIY project experience. A compensated assignment that included Home Depot exploring and learning about many different products they offer, so I could purchase the products I needed.  I had a period of a couple of months to develop my project while sharing my weekly progress through Twitter.

Frist trip to Home Depot was about discovery, so I made an Instagram video of my initial findings. The idea was to create a cozy atmosphere for the balcony which happens to have a stunning postcard type of view from the 32 floor.  In all the years living in my condo I had never paid much attention to the balcony, but once I saw all of the colorful decorating possibilities at Home Depot, I started to visualize how nice it would look and feel.


Home Depot offers a great selection of colorful red and green outdoor weather resistant chairs and my BF who was totally into helping me with this project did his rounds within the store and suggested using bamboo fence as our balcony carpet. Let me tell you it made all the difference and I absolutely love how it looks. I also picked two adirondack white plastic comfy chairs for another little balcony side-corner. The adirondack chairs come in red, green and blue at super affordable prices between $19.99 and $26.00 basically for all the colorful water resistant chairs.

I am spending lots of time in the balcony enjoying the view in new beautiful balcony setting for early morning coffee and stunning sunset moments thanks to this fun project. Go see and explore for yourself, you can thank me later, as you will find that Home Depot has affordable prices and a variety of products that you need for the comfort and enjoyment at your home. Please let me know what your DIY project might be okis!

My Balcony from the 32 Floor looking beautiful thanks to Home Depot wepa!






Author: Lynn Ponder

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