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webcitygirls// is everywhere covering pop culture entertainment from a positive point of view, and June 8, Lynn Ponder  is heading out again this time to New York City for her next big social coverage at the Nineteenth Annual Nation Puerto Rican Day Parade!

To her delight, companies like Moore Communication Group are hiring her as the Celebrity Social Media Reporter to host and cover red carpet events for brands like Ford and Lincoln Motor Company. Not only is the Hispanic Market aware of Lynn as a force in the digital space, but attention is also being paid by general market companies like which recently invited her on-site to weigh-in on their Billboard LIVE Blog during the Billboard Music Awards alongside TOP Artist Kelly Rowland and Country Music Influencer Jessica Northey.


Among the many positive reactions to Lynn’s coverage at the Billboard Music Awards came this encouraging message from real people who engage: “My name is Christopher Renteria and it was a pleasure meeting you during your social coverage in Las Vegas. I just checked out your website and I absolutely LOVE it. You are truly an inspiration for young Latino’s and Latina’s everywhere.”

This June 8 as a proud Puerto Rican American Lynn has been honored to represent the face of tenacious, hard-working and determined LATINAS, who as trendsetters are making significant digital footprints through savvy social media communication.

As she gets ready to represent her beloved little island, a place huge in talent, stunning beauty and rich in culture, Lynn has been humbled by invitation announcement on Twitter by one of the most genuine advocates for the island of Puerto Rico and a TOP Latino influencer, George Torres:


NPRDP Royalty Participating in this year’s Parade:


King – René (‘Residente’) Pérez Joglar, Grammy Award-winning singer and composer of Calle 13

Queen – Rosie Pérez, Oscar-nominated actress, dancer, choreographer, director and community activist

Ambassador – Luis Fonsi, actor, composer and singer, winner of a Latin Grammy

Ambassador – Frankie Negrón, actor, composer and singer, nominated for a Latin Grammy

With a new and diverse Board in place, this is going to be a parade that all Boricuas will be proud of, said Ululy Martinez, a leader in this program. “We have made it our personal mission to re-establish the standards of excellence that the Puerto Rican community expects from our Parade,” she said.

Sunday, June 8, Team Capicu using hashtag #QueBonitaBandera we’ll start social coverage on every step they take marching up at 11AM Fifth Avenue East 44 Street. During the event they we’ll be sharing every moment with all of  the Boricuas around the world, virtually making them a part of this unique Puerto Rican celebration in New York City.

webcitygirls// is proud to be Puerto Rican and thrilled to be part of a newly revamped National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP); one that will focus on celebrating Puerto Rican arts, culture, and education with pride, dignity and honor.

For all the details of this week celebrations and a full list of Honorees please visit:




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