Mustang Goes into Space

Ford’s Mustang has reached higher heights than even Pegasus, the winged horse from the stories of ancient Greeks. The Mustang left the earth’s atmosphere and entered space on May 2.

“Mustang has always been about getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road, but we decided to take to the open sky,” said Michael Sego, the San Francisco-area Ford zone sales manager.

Sego, along with Steve Kubitz and other friends, launched the Revell Mustang model kits into space by attaching it to a high-altitude weather ballon to the rod on the side of the instrumentation box below it. The group was inspired by Austrian skydive Feliz Baumgartner, who used a custom helium-filled balloon to ride a capsule up to reach a height of almost 128,000 feet before coming back down to earth.


The model Mustang flew 110,000 feet into the air in about 74 minutes before landing in a field.

“Were excited to have been able to take our favorite car to new heights by launching it into space,” Sego said.

Mustangs parts have gone to almost every part of the planet, he said. Now Ford can count outer space in the Mustang’s reach.


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