Who wants to look and feel as good as possible?

Most people do right? Or do we think it’s just going to magically happen? That one day we wake up and look healthy and feel great without trying? Really? Glad that I partnered with Walgreens to share my story to wellness helped by the “Way To Well Tour with AARP” Walgreens in Doral, Florida. During the event I met the lovely Luisa Fernanda the beautiful radio Mix 98.3 personality who hosted the event, and she is also on the morning show with our dear friend Enrique Santos.

We all know it’s about what we eat and exercise, there is no other way around it.  I think the hardest part is getting started with a workout program. I’m here today to let you in on what has motivated me to start working out again.

I was thrilled that Walgreens sent me a Fitbit, a slim wireless wrist band that accurately tracks steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled  throughout the day and monitors the quality of your sleep at night. Fitbit has become very popular and as a matter of fact my sister interviewed a Latino celebrity the other day and he had one on. She even tagged me in the pic she took with him lol!

LED lights on the device show you how your day is measuring up against your personal goals, it can be synct to your computer or smart phone  to get a full picture with graphs and charts for daily, weekly or monthly stats.  I have been staying on my goal of walking 5 miles per day, eating healthier and sleeping better.

I met the friendly Walgreens Professionals at Way To Well Bus:

Ponderla Walgreens

Good  news for your pocket too, because “Steps with Walgreens Rewards” members get rewarded for taking steps toward a healthier life,  we get  20 points for every mile we walk or run and 20 points per weigh-in, how cool is that ?  We earn points when we engage in healthy behavior, then redeem for a $5.00 reward with every 5,000 points. You have to love that.

GIVEAWAY: If you sign-up with Walgreens Rewards and send me a comment here on the blog confirming, I am randomly giving away ONE FitBit to a lucky friend by July 18. Daleeee GO sign-up and take your first step today like I did wepa!

I took pic of my FitBit with first post I wrote in the background about going to the event:



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