A Refreshing Drink with Gin: Who Knew?

Fifty Pounds Gin is a genuine English small batch distilled gin where the careful selection and a perfect combination of its natural ingredients give it an exceptional smoothness. It is distilled in London.

I was invited to the Gale Hotel in South Beach to meet the trendiest bartenders in Miami competing to create the best gin drink sponsored by Fifty Pounds Gin. The prizes up for grabs at this upscale event were the chance to compete in the National Final for a trip to Casa Romate in Spain, as well as cash prizes.  This was a regional competition to find the most creative yet delicious “Daisy,” a specialty Fifty Pounds Gin drink, to take to the National Final. As the bartenders prepared their drinks in front of the audience and judges, it was surprising to see how versatile gin could be.

The Fifty Pounds Bartender competition continues on tour to New York and Los Angeles. Dates will be announced soon.

Miami Bartenders Competing:


Winners of the Night: 1st  place Manny Picon, 2nd place Hector Acevedo and 3rd place Eddie Fuentes: 


Winning Drink:





Linda Ponder

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