David Bromstad Splash in the Dairy Aisle!

As social media ambassadors for Coffee-mate we are excited to share great news about celebrity designer and artist David Bromstad who is making a splash with his delicious makeover of two of our all-time favorite Coffee-mate flavors – French Vanilla and Hazelnut. The limited-edition bottles will only be available in the dairy aisle at Target.

David Bromstad and Coffee-mate want to inspire you to make your own splash with Coffee-mate! We also wanted to know more about David and got to interview him over the phone. Hope you enjoy his answers and fun energy as much as we did.

Lynn: Where are you getting your inspiration to make this creative splash in the dairy aisle?

David: Totally interesting, isn’t it? You know, when Nestle Coffee-mate approached me on the project I was like “what?”-To be designing my two favorite flavors, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. It’s going to be in the dairy aisle, and it’s going to be exclusively at Target. I just about threw up; I was so excited. I was like, this is the best thing ever.

My inspiration came directly from where always I get my inspiration from- my clients. So the first time we met, we had the most fun. Literally sipping secret blends of new different coffee creamer concoctions that were super secretive, they didn’t even have names. Super fun. And we sat there and giggled all day long, and then we went into the heart of what makes Coffee-mate and what their branding is. I used that as the inspiration for the bottles.

Lynn: What would you like us coffee lovers to feel when we see your designed coffee mate bottles?

David: I want them to feel like they’re getting something special, because it is. Its limited edition- it’s not going to be in the dairy aisle forever. It’s going to be out for a month. I want them to feel special. I want them to grab it and be like- this is not just a regular bottle. It’s something I want to display; it’s going to look so fantastic in my fridge. When I have people over they’re going to look at how stylish this is. It’s something different, something they can keep forever. I want them to feel like they’re getting something really, really unique.

Lynn: During the Coffee-mate sweepstakes, which will be your favorite social network to interact with your fans who will be participating and want to win the grand prize while using the hashtag #CMInspires? And by the way, we are sharing another post with our audience soon to explain Coffee-mate sweepstakes starting August 1.

David: It’s Twitter and Instagram, definitely. I think that’s where they’re doing the sweepstakes.

Lynn: Do you love Twitter or Instagram?

David: I love Twitter and I love Instagram. I mean, Instagram is super visual, and Twitter is just Twitter. It’s everything. It’s just so much fun. It’s random fun thoughts, and my fans and I always have this great interaction. I just have such a good time on that. You get to interact with your fans from the privacy of your own home or when you’re in the airplane or you’re having food, which I think is really fun. I’m never alone.

Lynn: Let me ask you another question, since winning HGTV Design Star, what do you think is the most valuable lesson you can share with others that are dreaming of the opportunity you had?

David: It was such a unique opportunity. I had no idea it was going to explode into what it did, and I was so blessed. What I did was I made sure that I was very versatile on lots of different things- doing art, doing murals, building furniture, building props and just trying to be as versatile as possible. I had been an artist, and when I got out of art school it wasn’t easy. I was barely making ends meet, and when you do that you take any job that you can get that’s creative. Any job that’s going to make you a buck. That’s why I say never ever ever leave your field, because there’s always going to be another field that’s going to make you more money, like real estate or insurance, that’s going to bring some cash quick. But my advice is you always stick within your field, no matter if you have to starve a little bit.

Lynn: There are so many people that love Coffee Mate so this is a great idea, and I’m glad that youre on board!

David: I am so on board. Everyone loves Target- I mean hello. Coffee Mate, David Bromstad and Target- all in one? Can’t handle it.



Author: Lynn Ponder

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