#HerculesMovie: The Man Behind The Hero

Hercules was his dream screenplay since the first time he worked in Hollywood. 14 years later, his dream came true. The Rock, talked to us about the sacrifices, who was his rock and inspiration (his mom), what happens when people are gone, and a lot of other things. Don’t miss this very intimate interview with HERCULES!!!

I met him at the Soho Beach House (Miami Beach) months ago. With just five minutes to prepare my questions and a lot of nervousness. I can say this interview was one of those you can’t forget. Dwayne Johnson opened his soul to us in an unexpected way.

The movie brings an amazing message to the viewers: “You don’t need to be the son of Zeus to be Hercules, just unleash the hero in you”.

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Author: Monica Mendoza

Periodista Colombiana, mother of two boys and a dreamer, who thinks that everything is possible, you just need to find the way…