#ParaLoQueVenga con @MarcAnthony Miami Concert!

One of my favorite artists and also of my sister Ponderela, is coming into town and we can hardly wait to attend his concert on Friday, October 3 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. We have seen him in concert from Madrid to Miami and we never ever, ever miss an opportunity to experience his amazing voice. Of course, we are talking about the one and only Marc Anthony and some lucky Miami friend is coming with us wepa!!!

I truly love all of his music but some songs have a special meaning to me as a proud Boricua like Preciosa:

Did you know that Marc Anthony has sold over 12 million albums worldwide, which makes him one of the most influential artists of his time and a true ambassador of Latin music and our culture.

You all know that we love to share and giveback, so we got 2 tickets to giveaway for a lucky person in Miami!!! Thank you Bud Light for inviting us to attend and allowing webcitygirls to have this awesome giveaway for the Miami concert.


Here is what we would like you to do to be eligible to win:

1. Create an Instagram Video with a Marc Anthony song that represents your soundtrack and you can change the lyrics to adapt to your life experience. Check out Ponderela singing version here. For those who want to participate, but do not want to sing on Instagram, leave a comment on the blog with the song and your version of lyrics that Ponderela might sing it on your behalf on Instagram. It will count to participate too!

2. Post must contain hashtag #ParaLoQueVenga #BudLight and tag @webcitygirls.

3. Follow @webcitygirls and @ponderela on your favorite networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

We will announce the luck Miami winner via our social channels on Thursday, October 2, 2014. Vamo’alla Mi Gente y GOOD Luck a todos los participantes J

Some Rules to follow:

**You must be 21+ to participate**

Participants will be picked randomly based on creativity and humor.

Open to legal residents of  Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties, Florida.

Instagram Video CANNOT be sexually explicit or suggestive, or vulgar, or offensive, or contain nudity. Any post is subject to disqualification at the sole discretion of webcitygirls.

webcitygirls// and Bud Light reserve the right to cancel this giveaway at any time and are not responsible for any injury or damage to entrant’s or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from participation in this giveaway.



Author: Lynn Ponder

Founder webcitygirls//, Social Media Strategist, Social Content Producer, LATISM16 "Best Latina Network Leader", Tecla Awards 15 Three-Time Winner as Best Latina on Twitter, Best Entertainment Blogger, Most Creative, LATISM 13 Best Latina Micro-Blogger, TOP Digital Influencers LATISM 2016/2015/2014/2013/2012, TwitterPowerhouse Passionista by Huffington Post. Creator #UnstoppableLATINAS + MOVEMENT #BeNumberless #SerSinNumero


  1. Linda

    Hola Maru,
    Honey, this Bud’s for you!!!!! Te la cante.

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    • JA! And you rocked it! Oye, tu cantas de verdad-verdad! Por qué nunca te hemos mercadeado?? Hmmm… Con esa voz, #ParaLoQueVenga!

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  2. Cambio de piel* #paraloquevenga #budlight @webcitygirls

    Como me puedo calmar
    y como noo llorar
    Como le puedo explicar al corazón
    que webcitygirls tienen boletos

    a Marc queiro verrrrr
    Los necesito tenerrrr
    Como le puedo enseñar a la razón
    que webcitygirls tienen boletos
    y es necesario que me los den

    y como gano, como gano los tickets
    Como no enloquecer
    Dime tu como le hago,
    como les digo, como les hago entender
    Como gano, como gano los tickets
    Dime como hago, es que no se,
    liberame los temores del ayer
    Hay webcitygirls vengan ayudemen
    Los necesito, vengan ayúdemen
    Como gano, Y como gano

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  3. they say around that there’s a bathroom near
    This bathroom talk makes me want to pee
    I must admit I’m about to pee
    But thats jus’ talk until you take me there, oh
    If it’s true don’t leave me all alone out here
    Wonderin’ if you’re ever gonna take me there
    Tell Me What you know’ cuz I need to Go
    Yea you gotta let me know which way to go
    Cuz I Need to Go
    I need to go
    Tell Me please cause I need to go
    I need to go
    I need to go

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  4. song: voy a vivir

    voy a comer, voy a engordar
    y asi vivir un par de años mas (x2)

    aveces llega la duda
    si debo hacer ejercicio
    pero al solo ver una torta
    le digo no al desperdicio

    y para que sudar pa que
    si huele bien feo, que horrible
    y para qué sufrir, pa’ qué-
    si hay comida rica, esto es vida

    voy a comer, voy a engordar
    y asi vivir un par de años mas (x2)

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  5. Linda y Lynn:

    No tengo instagram pero cante una cancion de Marc Anthony con mis niñas el cual me identifico mucho te la mande via whattsapp. La cancion se llama “Vivir mi Vida”.


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  6. Linda

    Hola Maru,
    Esa esta buenísima! Voy a practicarla para cantartela. No hay nadie como tu.

    Gracias bella

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    • Todavia la estoy practicando a ver si te la canto en IG! Pero va practicando tu tambien!

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  7. Marc Anthony #ParaLoQueVenga ! #BudLight & @webcitygirls, I want to go to that concert!
    No hay nadie como ella:

    “Ella sabe darse toda
    en un instante
    derretir con la mirada
    un corazon
    ella es fuego que se siente
    en el American Arena /
    cuando vaya a este concert con mi BUD!”

    Good luck to me! Wepa!

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