Revolution Collection by @VivianaGabeiras

Revolution! Reunification! Rebirth! Inspired and influenced by the cultural and social latitudes of my visit to Berlin and its history; A new beginning of self expression, freedom to be just me.


My “REVOLUTION” is a dramatic and wide reaching change in attitudes, fabrications, styling and with all of these transformations, unifying, and merging together my own inner self revolution between Petit Pois by Viviana G and my brand new signature label Viviana Gabeiras.




Berlin, the city that inspired me to create my own revolution, reunification, and rebirth; after visiting and seeing the new Berlin, I said the “impossible was possible”!





The giant metropolis of Berlin as everybody knows today, was possible in 1920, then called “The Golden Twenties”; When the government joined all the cities into one roof of administration giving birth to one of the largest cities in the world at that time.


Berlin’s saw the changes by 1924, after an impact left by humiliation of a lost war, social/political instability, infla- tion, hunger, strikes and riots. The city experienced a cultural and artistic change even more than Paris, its rival city. Becoming a city of experimentation of all kinds like “Hedonism”! It was new energy in the air. Experimental labora- tory was a new and modern status way to bring giant artists into architecture, fine arts and literature. Berlin’s first radio broadcast hit in 1931 and TV broadcast had its world premiere in Berlin.



History behavior, stock market crashed, and political climate of the moment between parties lead all to the raise of the Nazi group by a failed Austrian artist named Adolf Hitler. I am not in this past by no means to remember and talk about Hitler but instead to glorify the rebirth of Berlin’s people as an example in spite of so much pain, sacri- fice; they today stand still and tall.

Finally peace was declared on May 7,1945!



No one expected what was yet to come to Berlin! Due to more politics of provocation, Germany was divided as we all know today as the West and East of Berlin. So much tension, disagreements, and fights but eventually the exodus of mostly young and educated people es- caped from East Berlin which lead to the famous “Wall” in 1961. The cold war’s most recognizable symbol.




And the Germans endured once more another battle lasting nearly 30 years! After so many revolutions……..reunification!


Finally in 1989, the two cities came together again and united to the sound of “Freedom”. Peaceful negotiations took place, East Germany was dissolved in 1991 and Berlin became once more the capital of Germany. After “The Unification Treaty” was signed in 1990; Pink Floyd replayed the original album from 1980’s “The Wall” gathering a crowd of 200,000 people and millions worldwide by TV on famous “Potsdamer Platz”.


And again a new…… rebirth!




The new Berlin emerged, and an Architectural input rejuvenated most of the areas obtaining once again the cultural vibrancy of the 1920’s transforming Berlin into one of the most fashionable, trendy, and “It” contemporary city at the moment.

Here I bring to you my own Revolution!




Welcome to my world!

And this is The Real Life of Viviana G Viviana Gabeiras

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Viviana Gabeiras

Author: Viviana Gabeiras

International Award Winning TOP Fashion Designer Viviana Gabeiras is a Venezuelan native who designed and launched the brand “Petit Pois”.