From the 32nd Floor with @webcitygirls

As an intern for webcitygirls// I’ve had the pleasure of attending countless events in Miami. Here I’ve met amazing Latin Influencers in the social media and public relations community.

The first of many events I attended was AVON’s new Fragrance Launch, AVON Luck in Miami Beach. It began as a tour through the room where I had the pleasure of networking with several invitees. Here we sat with a glass of wine in one hand and delightful appetizers in the other as we chatted about the beautiful, decorative room. It was an experience I had never had before. I was being waited and served food at every instance and boy was that a good feeling.


After a glass of wine, I walked across the room where a table lay covered with AVON’s fragrances, cosmetics and personal care items. There also lay a Christmas wish list for everyone to jot down their favorite items from the table. Looking at the company’s products first hand, made me that more excited for the presentation so I sat down and waited eagerly for it to begin.


The presentation then commenced with AVON’s representatives giving us a brief history about the company. I learned that AVON is an innovative brand that stands for empowerment and beauty for women. I really enjoyed listening to their presentation. Not only was it persuasive and interactive but it demonstrated how much their brand speaks out for women. A woman can be glamorous and smell like flowers and still be a strong individual. I walked out of that event with my head held high.


A month passed since the event and AVON didn’t cease to surprise me. I received stylish handbags, perfume, and several beauty care kits on my doorstep from my wish list and for that I am grateful. AVON does truly care about the consumers’ experience with their products and that is what a signature company is about. I am very thankful to have attended this event. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to intern as a Miami Pink Girl and can’t wait to see what else is in store for webcitygirls// from the 32nd floor :)



Valerie Perret

Author: Valerie Perret

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