Make Your Old Clothes Look Fabulous

Up styling, has become a keen new fashion forward way of making your old clothes look fabulous. Of course, for some fashionista, modifying your clothes is a great way to separate yourself from the herd. When it comes to up styling, there are no hard and fast rules. That’s the glorious thing about fashion; it’s all about being you.

So, if you are keen to start vamping your clothes and making them yours, there are some fantastic ways that this can be done. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of sewing or a hardened seamstress, there are some simple tips that you can use.

Operation Overhaul: Make This a Seasonal Project

New fashion seasons come and go, but your wardrobe always remains the same. Of course, so many of us add to it, but we rarely look at what we already have. Make sure that you are de-cluttering on a seasonal basis. If there is a something that you want to keep, but could with a little tweak here and there, keep it. But, be ruthless. If your old party dress hasn’t seen the light of day since 1995, throw it out.

Evaluate Your Clothes

Okay, so if you have a Gucci piece in your closet, you are unlikely to want to get rid of it. We all have investment pieces. So, it’s wise that you don’t start tampering with these. After all, in a few years these critical pieces will be vintage. But, if you have high street brands in your closet, look at how these can be up styled and revamped. Take a simple turtleneck sweater and add lace detailing around the cuffs and collar. Simple jewel and button adornments to the sleeves can revitalise an old t-shirt. Take a look at your dresses. Could they become funky new t-shirts by cutting and sewing at the hem? Think about your clothes and evaluate them. Cheaper high street pieces are perfect for up styling. Leave the designer classics as just that.

Separating Your Clothes from the Pack

There are some simple ways that you can change the entire appearance of your closet. Take a look at old coats that you don’t wear anymore. Coats are the best thing to use in your up-styling project. Take the buttons and see where else they can be used. Coats tend to have large, brassy buttons. Add these to jumpers, tops and skirts for a funky overhaul. You don’t have to be a designer to make your clothes look new. Simply take a look at a sewing machine for beginners to get you started.

Head to the Haberdashery

Okay, so you may not want to get rid of all of your clothes and start dissecting them. That’s okay. Head to the haberdashery and check out the materials that they have. Haberdashery stores are an up stylers dream. They often sell buttons, lace, chiffon and rolls of quirky material. Pick up a small selection of each and start adorning your clothes. It’s easy to restyle your outfits. What’s more, your clothes will see you getting a heap of compliments!



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