My Date for Valentine’s Day is ……


February only means one thing to most people – Valentine’s Day.

With only days left for this holiday, couples obsess over the perfect gift. Everyone else outside this pool is Single and unless you have a significant other, this holiday is nothing but a reminder that you are alone – Or is it?
Being single means that you are FREE; Literally! Being single means no angry calls from a significant other because you stayed out late on a Tuesday night. It means not having to worry about scheduling plans accordingly to someone else’s time. No fights, no restrictions, no worries.

I have been single for the past year and it’s been miraculous ride. And I’m coming from a 5 year relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I had delightful times with my ex-boyfriend but he is an ex for a reason. We spent 5 years together, but the timing wasn’t right. In this short time, I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m happier for it.

Since becoming single, I’ve visited a couple states, gone camping, read and finished a book, caught up on my favorite TV series, rekindled old friendships and also made new ones. FRIENDS! The number of friends you miss on while dating is unforgivable!


Being single has paved the way for new opportunities such as interning for webcitygirls// . I am part of a fearless group of women and for that I am grateful. They’ve taught me how to work and play so that we are always enjoying our jobs.



Being single has brought more joy into my life. While dating, I was so focused on every argument and every moment of insecurity that comes with it. Now I am more confident; more self-reliant. I’ve finally seen how much potential I have when putting my mind onto something other than a boyfriend. I am more outgoing now, more optimistic and I laugh more. Taking life too seriously is a waste of time when you can be enjoying it with friends and family – or even alone. I value my alone time more than ever now. Being single gives you the time to be by yourself, with yourself. This is a time of reflection and tranquility. If you understand yourself first, you can understand others better and build stronger relationships with those you love.

And if love finds its way to me, I’ll embrace it.

In the meantime, I am happy to be single. And to all my single ladies – Put your hands up and wave goodbye to the old you. This is your time. Take it.

Valerie Perret

Author: Valerie Perret

French-Honduran-American. GO GATORS! Telecommunications Enthusiast. Newest addition to webcitygirls//.