FUN Experience at Ford EcoBoost Challenge Miami

Ford Motor Company continues to demonstrate customer appreciation by touring nationwide to 17 cities with their EcoBoost Challenge. webcitygirls #MiamiPinkGirls were fortunate to participate in this event on March 7th, 2015 at SunLife Stadium in Miami. The only requirement was to pre-register online at , but you could also register on site once you arrived.


The event showcased greatly anticipated Ford models, including the new 2015 F-150 and a personal favorite of all the pink girls, the new Mustang 2015. As we patiently waited to see each car, we found each wait to be interactive. Ford professionals provided us with car facts and safety tips while driving. We appreciated this communication from professionals to consumers. We also cherished the fact that the whole experience was personal. When one visits car shows or automotive events, there isn’t always the chance to sit in the vehicle, let alone test drive it yourself. Ford is changing the name of the game by letting people form their own opinion about cars. After all, it’s the voice of the people that matters.


As we made our way through the event, we decided to split up to cover more ground. Lynn took on the Ford Fiesta and Ford Fusion while Poullete and Valerie tackled the GREAT F-150. While in line, we tweeted about the event to let consumers know about our experience with each vehicle. Lynn tweeted a picture with her in the Fiesta and Fusion and could not decide which one she loved most! Polly and I were impressed with the F-150’s Start-Stop feature. Instead of burning gas and polluting air while stopping at red lights, this vehicle shuts off when coming to a stop and turns back on when releasing the brake. It’s that simple! It was also very easy to drive for a car of such size. Overall, the F-150 is a winning car in our book.


Afterwards, we all reunited and hopped into the all new Ford Escape. We took advantage of the sunroof and took a quick picture to upload on Twitter. We really had too much fun with that car as you can see in our Instagram video. It was smooth to drive and very responsive on turns. This is all possible with Ford’s EcoBoost technology which makes them the leader in turbocharged direct-injected gasoline. These cars pollute less, have better fuel economy than competitors and perform at optimum level.

It really surprised us how they were able to put this kind of technology on a car like the Mustang. From experience, the Mustang has always carried a huge gasoline dollar to it. However, this new technology allows for much better gas mileage making it a great step up from its predecessors. It was a ton of fun accelerating and driving around the track in this car. Needless to say, this car is sporty, exciting and great eye candy; a personal favorite.


At the end of the day, we interviewed several people about their taste on each vehicle. Everyone we spoke to was eager about each test drive. People were really excited about the “shiftphobia” section where you could learn to drive stick shift on a simulator. How cool is that?! Ford really thought about everything.

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We left the event very satisfied and hoping to win the sweepstakes happening throughout the 17 cities event an EcoBoost-powered 2015 Edge! By registering to the event, your name was also in ballot for a new car! We will be eagerly waiting those results, LOL! webcitygirls had a blast driving around SunLife Stadium and we thank Ford for it. This is exactly what the automotive industry needs.

Let’s see which car Lynn ends up choosing ☺


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