Have A Happy Historic Holiday In #Florence

If you enjoy a bit of European history, there is plenty of it to see when you travel to Europe. Greece, France, Italy and England are particularly rich in historic sites. Each country caters very well for the tourist and provides a wealth of tours and museums so you can really feel the history unfold. Of course, each country has so much to offer it would be impossible to see it all. While you may relish the thought of  seeing six or seven countries in just a week, Europe is vast and full of interesting places you just could not get around to in that time.

Florence, in Italy’s Tuscany region, is one such place that could fill your entire week. There is so much to see and do here. If you are interested in history, then you will be delighted to hear that Florence is widely considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Some even declared it to be the Athens of the Middle Ages. Much of this era survives in and around the city. The city itself has been declared one of the most beautiful on the planet. Awe-inspiring architecture, and incredible art and sculptures are on display everywhere.

Florence Duomo


If you are thinking of visiting Florence for a holiday, you can choose from a wide variety of accommodation. There are some beautiful luxury hotels, quaint little B&Bs, and some excellent apartments to choose from. Use a website like Venere to see what is available on the dates you wish to travel. Florence boasts good weather most of the year, so you could visit and enjoy this city anytime. Much of the region of Tuscany is beautiful countryside, so try to make time for a few excursions outside of the city walls to take in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

Italy really does have so much to offer, but each city has its own unique flavor. Choose from Rome, Venice, Pisa and Florence to see some of the most famous and most extraordinary places on Earth. Florence is so beautiful, and much of that beauty is man-made from hundreds of years ago. It reminds us what we are capable of, and how talented those early architects, builders, sculptors and artists must have been. Florence really does boast the best of the best. Should you be touring Italy, a visit to Florence is absolutely essential to take in some of these incredible sights.

Wherever you visit in Europe, there are amazing things to see. You may be doing a historic tour, or you may be cruising along the Mediterranean to soak up the sun and enjoy the cuisine. A holiday to Europe really does offer great value for money, and you can indeed pack in a lot of places. But to truly see, feel, smell, and understand one of the great European cities, you must experience it and explore it in full. Take the time to visit Florence, and stay for a week or two to take it all in.



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