Six Beauty Trends for Spring 2015

Are you keen to find out what hair and makeup styles will be hot this spring? Keep reading for X beautiful beauty trends you will be desperate to try out!

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Image: Ashley Harrigan

1. Statement eyeliner

If you haven’t already mastered the art of black liquid eyeliner, now is the time to do it. Statement wings on the upper eyelids add instant sex appeal to your look. For a clean, daytime look sweep the eyeliner from the corner of your eye all the way to the end and finish with a dramatic flick. Lengthen and thicken your eyelashes for a sixties’ vibe. Have a look at images and videos of Arianna Grande who pulls off this look perfectly. For the evening, go even bigger and bolder. Use exaggerated sweeps of eyeliner, keeping the lines straight and strong. Add dark and metallic eyeshadow shades to create a seriously smoky look.

2. Askew partings

In the hair department, off-centre partings are leading the way. This is all part of the larger movement towards natural beauty, where there is less emphasis placed on achieving perfection. This is great news for those of us who view life as one big bad hair day. Partings should still be neat, but a relaxed attitude towards angles and lines is encouraged.


3. Berry beautiful lips

We are accustomed to light, pastel lip colours in spring, but surprisingly this year it’s all about deep reds and purples. Dark lips aren’t always the easiest to pull off so do find the right texture and shade for your complexion. Purple tones suit dark hair while blondes tend to suit deep shades of red. Allow your berry stain to be the star of the show by wearing discrete makeup elsewhere.

4. Laid-back locks

The seventies have been a major inspiration for the fashion industry so far this year. In keeping with this trend, wavy, free-flowing hair will feature a lot this spring. This look can be achieved in long, medium and short styles. If you are not blessed with natural waves, use curling tones, mousses and salt sprays to get that effortless look. Subtle floral hair accessories are perfect when worn with this hair style.

5. Brown tones

Brown shades, from taupe to chocolate, are hot in the eye department this spring. This may not sound like the most appealing trend, but in fact it is very versatile and when worn correctly, can really enhance your natural complexion. Light browns make blue and green eyes pop. Deeper shades of brown add smoke and mystery to dark eyes. The beauty experts recommend wearing these shades as part of an overall bare-faced look.

6. The low ponytail

Whether it’s fashionably messy, sleek and sophisticated, curled or crimped, wear your ponytail low next season. Keep it tight and tidy for a daytime look and release some tendrils and loosen it up for a softer look perfect for the evening.


Now it’s time to pick up your makeup tools and try out some of these fabulous trends in time for spring. Thanks for reading!


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