Calle 13 + @ESPNDeportes = Promo Pan American Games 2015 #YoDigoPresente

ESPN and ESPN Deportes launched today #YoDigoPresente (“I am In”), a multimedia marketing campaign to promote the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. The campaign features the captivating stories of the athletes’ journey to Toronto 2015 and the powerful music of Multi-Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winner, urban alternative band Calle 13 to engage sports fans across the country and throughout the Americas.

“I am very happy to collaborate with ESPN to promote the Pan Am Games,” said René from Calle 13. “La Vida, Respira el Momento is about the journey of life and how we all prepare for specific moments; that’s what it’s all about for these athletes. I have always been a sports fan and using this single to represent such an important sports event makes me very proud.”

Pan American Games Campaign - March 12, 2015

The campaign, set to debut today, features an anthem trailer developed by ESPN Deportes’ marketing team in partnership with creative agency Handle Like Eggs. The video features Calle 13’s lead singer René Pérez Joglar performing “La Vida, Respira el Momento” (Life, Breathe the Moment), from their 2014 Grammy-winning album “Multiviral”, and images of athletes in their training routine coupled with footage from past Pan American Games. The video not only serves as the theme for the marketing efforts, but will also be used across ESPN and ESPN Deportes’ production during the Games.

#YoDigoPresente aims to inspire hope, passion and national pride through the stories of participating athletes leading up to the Games. The song “La Vida, Respira el Momento”, about the journey of life and individuality, doesn’t only capture the essence of the Games, but also resonates across diverse audiences. Calle 13 represents a unifying voice for the U.S. Hispanic community and the participating Latin American countries, reinforcing the emotional connection to the Pan American Games.


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