Get the Perfect Summer Party Look

Winter can be pretty dull. After Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, there’s not much going on. It’s just a long stretch of cold until spring arrives. But when the weather starts getting warming, it’s party time! Spring and summer are perfect for getting outside in the sun, even when you have to risk a surprise downpour. And summer is especially perfect for barbecues, garden parties, and days out on the beach. But if you’re attending all these parties, you need to have the look. How are you supposed to get your party on if you aren’t dressed the part? So make sure you’re dressed to kill with these latest summer party looks for 2015.

Day to Night Dresses

With the longer days of summer, you have more time to enjoy yourself before it’s time to go home. You can either leave for a party after work or have a fun day out and transition to an evening party. Changing into an entirely new outfit is a pain, so having something you can dress up or down is the perfect solution. Choose the right dress and it can be ideal for work, shopping or hanging on the beach. Then later in the day, a quick swap of accessories will turn it into the perfect party dress. A cute sundress can work for both the office and your evening event. Wear it with a light cardigan and sheer tights at work, and then swap them out for bare legs, sandals and some bling at night. Take a shawl or wrap in case it gets a little chilly.

Wearing White

If you don’t know what color to pick this season, you’ll be safe going with white. It might not technically be a color, but there was plenty of it on the catwalk for all the spring/summer collections this year. White dresses were particularly popular, but you could try white pants, tops, shirts, or even a white suit. Brighten up your look with some more colorful accessories.

Party Shoes

Your shoes are one of the essential elements of your party outfit. They need to look fantastic, but you need to be able to party all night in them too. Plus, during the summer you could be partying on the beach, in the park or by the pool. So you don’t want anything that will be too difficult to walk in, especially on uneven ground. There are plenty of styles in this season, from clogs and masculine flats to gladiator sandals. Swap out your smart work flats for an evening on the beach in sandals.


No outfit is complete without accessorizing, especially at a party. Instead of big and bold statement necklaces, go for a pendant necklace. The slim chain and pendant will create a sophisticated look, but still get you plenty of attention. When it comes to bags, oversize is in, which is excellent for anyone who has too much stuff. You can carry everything you need without it looking like you’ve packed for a weekend away, rather than a night on the town. Just don’t overfill it, or you’ll be dragging it along the floor.

Party season is already getting underway, so start adding to your wardrobe now, so you have plenty of party outfits. Or rescue your previous purchases from trends that have come back around.



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