Understanding Our Children

Have you ever thought that your child may have a learning or attention issue?  How do you find out if he or she does? I’m so glad you asked, because this is to help provide resources to parents regarding assisting their children with school, attention and focus issues, in preparation for back to school.

One in five children struggle with issues related to reading, math, writing, focus, and organization, yet many children with learning and attention issues do not have a diagnosis. The adults in their lives often have a hard time understanding their issues due to misconceptions and a lack of information and resources. As a result, children with learning and attention issues often face both academic and social challenges. Sometimes returning to school after a long summer break can bring out some pretty tough emotions for kids.

If you are sitting there reading this, stressed out and feeling alone, don’t be. You are definitely not alone. There are so many others who have been sitting right where you are.  Understood is an organization that was created by a coalition of 15 nonprofits, and its content and tools were informed by a survey of more than 2,200 parents of children with learning and attention issues.  Understood offers free daily access to experts through chats and webinars, a safe online community that encourages parents to reach out to and learn from each other and a suite of specially designed, first-of-their-kind tools that will help you prepare your child for back to school and cope with everything that comes along with it.

Children, family and education are such an important part of life. Sometimes you have to take the hard with the easy, the bad with the good. If you know someone who is struggling, be it a parent or a child; encourage them to check out Understood.   They may find exactly the help and inspiration that they need!

We donated this post as part of a Social Good cam­paign in part­ner­ship with Ele­ment Asso­ciates. We were not com­pen­sated for this post. 

That’s why I’m reach­ing out to you on behalf of the Ad Coun­cil and Understood.org, a free, one-stop, easy-to-use online resource and com­mu­nity designed to help par­ents of chil­dren with learn­ing and atten­tion issues.

Please visit Understood.org for valuable information.


Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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