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Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and P&G.  All opinions are 100% mine. I was so happy to be invited by Orgullosa to assist this lovely luncheon where I had the pleasure to be part of a Q&A with Adamari Lopez and Dr. Pedro De La Rosa. The main point was to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of any signs of breast cancer and especially among the Hispanic community. Because cancer data shows that Latinas are diagnosed with late-stage cancer more than non-Latinas: Latinas have a late-stage breast cancer diagnosis rate of 36 percent; higher than all other ethnic groups. Late stage diagnoses dramatically decrease chances of survival; however, if caught at an early age, there is a 99 percent chance of living at least five years.


According to the American Cancer Society, one U.S. Latina dies of breast cancer every 90 minutes.

In an Orgullosa commissioned survey conducted in 2013:

  • 88 percent of Latinas acknowledged knowing how to do a breast self examination, less than half report examining themselves once a month (45%)
  • 80 percent of Latinas were not aware that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among them

Now I have known about the breast self examination and have done it for years but I thought that by examining 2 or 3 times per year along with having a mammogram once a year was good enough. Well, I just learned that this is not so, we are to examine every single month 5 days after our period. We are to look out for any changes in size, shape or color. We are to know our breast so we may identify if there is a visible distortion or swelling.


As part of Orgullosa’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month partnership with La Liga Contra el Cáncer – a non-for profit organization that provides free medical care to cancer patients in need – actress and breast cancer survivor, Adamari Lopez encourages all Latinas to invite the women in their life to win the battle against breast cancer before it begins.

Breast self-awareness is a concern in the Latino community due to cultural stigma. To help guide Latinas to self-exam their breast Orgullosa has created a series of social postcards that will be available on www.Facebook.com/Orgullosa during the month of October to inspire women to talk about early breast cancer detection. Will you please help us with this cause by sharing the Orgullosa social post cards?


For every share, Orgullosa will donate $1 to La Liga Contra EL Cancer, up to $30,000.00. The bra, which is the key design element of these cards, tastefully incorporates the three recommended patterns to follow: (1) up and down, (2) circular and (3) wedge.

Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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  1. Gracias Linda, tremenda entrevista con Adamaris Lopez, orgullosa, de poder traer conciencia del cancer, pues esta enfermedad no escoje raza, gender cultura; No tiene Barreras. Hay que Traer educacion, y entrevistas como esta. pues mi pueblo perece por falta de conocimiento

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    • Linda

      Hola Diana,
      Si tienes toda la razon. Es muy importante que platiquemos de este asunto y enseñemos a otras mujeres a como hacerse un self-examination once a month 5 dias despues de la menstruacion como lo explica en los post cards de Orgullosa y por supuesto es muy importante que todos los años nos hagamos un Mamograma. Gracias por compartir con nosotras hoy amiga.
      Que Dios te Bendiga.

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  2. Gracias, Linda muy buena entrevista con Adamaris Lopez!
    Tenemos que seguir ayudandonnos ha traer consiencia de lo que es el cancer, y que nadie es excepto, No Tiene raza, color ni edad!!!
    Orgullosa!!! Que pongas material de conciencia como este!!!

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