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I want to share a beautiful story, one that at the same time is painful. You see, I know a woman; we’ll call her Sandra. Ever since Sandra was a little girl she dreamt of having a large family. When she was in her 20’s she got married and had three adorable little girls. She was dedicated to her family and always spoke to her husband about her dream of giving her daughters the opportunity to have a better future by giving them an education.


One day, to Sandra’s surprise, her husband told her he was leaving her and the girls to start a life with someone else. Sandra was devastated but thought that, no matter what, she was going to raise her daughters to be professional women. Because Sandra didn’t continue her education, she really wasn’t prepared to work anywhere, so she started getting jobs cleaning, cooking, taking care of other people’s children. Bbut she barely made enough money to feed her girls and have a place where they could live.


Sandra tried unsuccessfully to advance in her country. So with much pain in her heart, she left her daughters with their aunt and parents while she traveled many miles away to find work.
It’s been really hard for her, but she says that it’s all been worth it because two of her daughters are in college now and the youngest will start next year after she graduates from high school.
She says the chains of poverty have been broken in her family.

I am so proud of the dedication and sacrificial love that this mother has shown. And most of all the amazingly good relationship she has with all three girls. They speak every single day;, it’s like if they lived across town from one another. I have talked to her daughters and they have told me that they appreciate what their mother has done so much that they made a deal amongst each other to study hard so they can be successful and then be able to take care of their mom when she comes back home.


Sandra has cried on my shoulder many times, telling me how she misses just kissing her daughters good night. Hugging them on their birthday and waiting for them when they come home from school. I know that she feels guilty sometimes because she is not with her daughters, but today I would like to tell her that she is #doingood, she is dong much better than she gives herself credit for. She has done an amazing job raising her daughters from far away. She has a better relationship with her three girls than most families have living together – and that’s priceless.


Do you know of any parents that some times doubt that they are parenting well when, in essence, you know they are doing a great job?

Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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