Unconventional Vacation Ideas for Web City Girls Like Us

If you’ve caught the travel bug, you’ll understand our urge to see as much of the world as possible. There’s a whole planet out there to explore, and over at Web City Girls, we want to see it all. (Okay, probably not every last inch, but most of what’s out there, anyway.)

The main problem for us travel lovers when it comes to seeing the world is money. Traveling can take a lot to fund, even if you do it on the cheap. Luckily, if you take the leap and get a little unconventional about the way that you travel, you can make globe trotting a little more doable.

There might not be any luxe hotel rooms – sorry girls, but by switching up how you travel, you can see all four corners of the globe. And all without putting too bigger a dent in your savings. For everything you need to know, make sure to keep reading.

Road trip it

2006-08-16 - 25 - Road Trip - Day 24 - United States - California - Death Valley - Road

One of the best ways to see and explore the world is by taking a road trip. You’ll save on accommodation and won’t have to stress about buying plane ticket after plane ticket. All you’ll need is a motorhome, fuel money, and food. Today, travel trailers and motorhomes are incredibly spacious and comfortable. They even come with built-in bathrooms – neat, right?

The main reason girls like us love the idea of taking a road trip is because of the freedom it brings. Having a set of wheels with beds, a mini kitchen and bathroom in, allows us to go wherever we want, whenever we want. Plus, we don’t need to stress about the cost of accommodation – always the most expensive part of traveling.


If you’re willing to forgo the luxury of a hotel room and instead, sleep on a stranger’s couch, you can make traveling more doable. It might seem a little risky – going to a stranger person’s home alone, but there’s a website dedicated to Couchsurfing. (If you’re choosy about who you stay with, and don’t go it alone, Couchsurfing is fairly safe.)

The best thing about this informal accommodation is the fact that it’s free – 100 percent free of charge. Of course, your host might appreciate you splitting the cost of food, but as far as money goes, that’s about it. If you’re skint, Couchsurfing is one of the best ways to see the world. All you need to do is save for a plane ticket.

Volunteer abroad

Unconvential Vacation Ideas for Web City Girls Like Us

Want to give your karma a boost and see the world at the same time, and then volunteer abroad. At some point or another, we should all give something back to the world, and volunteering is the perfect way to do that.

From volunteering with orangutans in Borneo to building houses in Thailand, there are so many options. No matter where you want to go, there’s sure to be a project that’s suitable. The best thing about volunteering abroad is that once you’ve bought your plane ticket, you won’t have to cover any other costs. Most volunteer programs pay for your accommodation and food.

So there you have it, all the best unconventional vacation ideas, which we at Web City Girls love.


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