A Guide To Organizing A Girl’s Skiing Break

Do you love to travel with your girlfriends? If the answer is yes, the chances are that whenever you and the girls go away, it’s to a hot location, where you sunbathe and sip cocktails, are we right? Well this year, why not plan a girl’s break with a difference and go skiing?


Beach breaks are great, but sometimes, it pays to mix things up a little. They still sell cocktails in ski resorts; you just can’t sunbathe while sipping them. Whether you’ve skied before, or not, a skiing break could be the perfect girl’s getaway.

There might not be any white sandy beaches – sorry girls, but there will be beautiful mountains to glide down, and apres bars to drink in. Not to mention the fact that the accommodation on offer tends to be incredibly luxurious. A ski vacation can be a lot of fun and can make a welcome break from your normal beach trip. To plan the most amazing girl’s skiing break, keep reading.

Book a chalet, not a hotel

Believe it or not, chalets often work out cheaper than hotel rooms, if there’s a group of you, that is. Plus, by opting to stay in a chalet, you’ll have an entire ‘house’ to relax in, instead of just a hotel room. You’ll have a kitchen, so you can cook whatever you fancy. Plus, you could even have household help if you opt for a catered chalet.

The great thing about opting for a chalet is that you can get some fantastic deals. If you go for a package deal, like these Mont Tremblant rentals, you can save money and spend your break living in luxury. It’s just a case of being smart about the accommodation you pick and where you book it from.

Hire a ski instructor

If anyone in the group can’t ski, it’s a good idea to hire a ski instructor. While you could opt to take part in group classes, private lessons will see you progress more quickly. As a group, hire a ski instructor for the week and then split their time up between you so that you all have the chance to improve your skiing abilities.

It’s a good idea to specify that you’d like an English-speaking ski instructor. As otherwise, you may end up learning from someone who doesn’t speak very good English. This will make the learning process much more difficult and may hinder your progress.

Reserve your lift passes in advance

Whatever you do, don’t leave buying your lift passes until the day you arrive, else you’ll spend hours queuing for them. It’s best to reserve them in advance, so that once you arrive, all you need to do is collect them. Doing this will ensure that you get as much time on the slopes as possible and don’t have to waste time waiting around for your passes.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about planning the most amazing girl’s break to the ski slopes.


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