The Best Ways To Save Money On Traveling

Who doesn’t love traveling? Even if you took a trip to the closest country possible, you’re bound to have some amazing experiences. I’ve had some of the most memorable times of my life out of my home country, but there’s one thing I don’t like about travel: how expensive it is! If you find you have this issue too, here are some great tips for saving money on travel.

My first tip is to choose the best time to travel. I know there are certain destinations where this isn’t really possible. Obviously you don’t want to take a ski trip in the height of summer! However, if you’d be willing to shift your trip forward or backwards by a few weeks, you could end up saving a lot on the price of your flights. You may only have to change your plans by a few days! Weekend tickets to certain destinations are far more expensive than ones during the week. I understand that it can be pretty tough to check when the most economical time to fly is. Luckily, there are several tools for this. Why not try these price alerts from Skyscanner?

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This next tip is more for when you’re out there: scrimp on food. Obviously when you’ve gone to a different country, you’ll want to sample the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the culture. However, eating out every day you’re there will end up being extremely costly. If you make a point of staying somewhere with kitchen facilities, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by cooking your own meals. Obviously, you’ll want to eat out at some time or another. For this, I recommend keeping an eye out for lunch specials. There are many countries, particularly in Europe, where you can get massively discounted food around lunch time. This will mean you can save money without having to miss out too much on the great cuisine.

My final tip is to plan your travel within the country well ahead of time. The cost of getting from place to place can be very substantial, especially if you’re somewhere with a good tourist trade. If you’re planning to hit several different locations in a fairly rural area, then I recommend checking out some HotWire car rentals. These packages are geared specifically towards tourists, and in a lot of cases end up being a lot cheaper than paying your own way. If you’re visiting one city, on the other hand, then I advise you to get a public transport travel card. Almost every city in the world runs discount schemes on their public transport. If you don’t take advantage of these, you’ll be paying far more than you have to. Wherever you’re going, check out your travel options beforehand.

Take this advice on board, and you’ll be able to afford a lot more travel than you ever would have imagined! While you’re having fun out there, try to think about your wallet. It doesn’t take much to make your budget go a lot further.




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