How to Plan an Awesome Birthday Party for Your Teenage Daughter

Teenage girls can be really picky, especially when it comes to things to do with their friends. Being a teenager is hard, and if they do something deemed ‘uncool’ it can feel like the end of the world. If your teenage daughter wants a party for her next birthday, then you’re both going to need to work together to have a party you’re both happy with. She’s growing up; you need to remember that she won’t want to be treated like a baby. This means that clowns and face painters are probably out of the question! Take some tips from this guide to plan an awesome birthday party for your teenage daughter:

How to Plan an Awesome Birthday Party for Your Teenage Daughter

Get Her to Write Out a Guest List

As it’s your daughter’s party, she should have a lot of say in who attends. You can look over the guest list and make any final cuts if you need to of course, but making sure her best friends are there with her will make it a much better party for her. Plus, once you have the guest list you can start to plan other things. The guest list might dictate the size of the venue, how much food you need, etc.

Decide Where to Host it

Where will you host the party? You could have it at your own house, but you need to bear in mind the clean up there will be afterwards. Also, you run the risk of things getting broken or damaged if you’re not careful. Having it at a hall or somewhere like that could be better for your peace of mind. Make sure the venue will fit all of the guests in as well as any vendors you might be hiring for the day.

Keep the Food Simple

Keeping the food simple is a really good idea when it comes to teenagers. If you do too much food, it’s likely that lots of it will get wasted. Plus, they’re not kids; you don’t want sandwiches, crisps and chocolate. Why not have a pizza party with a chocolate fountain or something? Ordering in pizza is so much easier than preparing lots of different things. They’ll probably appreciate it much more too! If not pizza, then another treat food you can order in instead.  

If you have the budget, why not surprise your daughter and her friends with luxury transport to the party? To get an idea of what you’d be spending, look at She’ll love arriving in style in front of all her of her friends.

Go Outfit Shopping

Your teenager is going to want to look amazing for her party, but you’ll want to make sure it’s appropriate. Go outfit shopping together and make sure you can both compromise on what she wears. You might need to be a little more lenient – make sure you’re up to date with what teenage girls wear to parties these days.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some food for thought – happy planning!



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