Staycation vs Vacation

If you’ve started thinking about where you will travel in 2016, you may be considering the idea of doing a staycation. Unusual and unconventional vacation destinations can be appealing. However, can it be just as while to stick around in your own country and discover new sites there?

Let’s weigh up some of the pros and cons of staycations and vacations.

Firstly, travel. Flight prices are becoming more and more competitive. Low-cost airlines now mean that depending which country you are in, you can take the plane for significantly cheaper than a train. That being said, across the world, public transport costs vary dramatically. In Italy, for example, train travel is very cheap. However, in the UK, it is very expensive. The key here is to do tailored research in advance of travel. For example, if you are planning to hop across a few different European countries, you might be cheaper to fly from the UK to Italy. However, it might then save you money to take the train from Italy to your next destination, as opposed to a flight. You’ll be surprised how much you can save for other things, like upgraded accommodation.

When it does come to choosing your accommodation, bear in mind that hotels aren’t the only viable option anymore. This goes for whether or not you go for a staycation or a vacation. Nowadays, holiday apartments are a great option too. They allow you to be self-catered, plus you get more space to yourself than you would in a standard hotel room. London short let apartments are especially appealing as London hotels are typically bank-breakingly expensive. Staying in an apartment can also give you a far more authentic experience.

Now, what about the weather? If you live in a country where the weather is unreliable or changeable, it’s tempting to head somewhere with a more stable climate. This is a very valid reason to travel abroad. If you want a week of sunbathing and swimming in the sea, leaving your home to find the sun makes sense. But think again if your main aim is sightseeing. Doing lots of walking means spending lots of time outside. Doing this in the hot sun can be quite tough, and could lead to you feeling overly tired and quickly dehydrated. Instead, if sightseeing or backpacking is your aim, go slightly out of season when the weather has cooled. It will also be less busy.

What about a big benefit of going for a staycation? Well, that has to be currency. If you stay in your own country, there is no need to change your money for the currency used where you’re headed. This means you don’t have to change for a worse conversion rate. However, the flip side of this is that some destinations might actually have a better conversion rate. Or they might be significantly cheaper than your home country. For example, flying to Vietnam from America is lengthy and expensive. However, once you arrive, your food, drinks and accommodation are likely to be much cheaper than the equivalents back at home.

Staycation vs Vacation



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