Time for the perfect getaway? Here are 5 decisions you need to make first.

Decide on… your dates

Your starting point should always be your dates. When can you take a break from work? From there, decide on your destination. Consider things like weather and natural occurrences, like hurricanes and monsoons. Also, think about when flight prices are likely to be lowest, and when accommodation will be quietest.

Decide on… your destination

How to decide on this one!? The world is huge and there is so much to choose from. Start by chatting to friends and family; is there anywhere they would highly recommend, or avoid going again? Watch the news; are their any current troubles you should be aware of, or virus outbreaks? And what about your budget? Often this can massively dictate where you do and don’t go. Once you’ve considered all of these things, your list of vacation ideas will likely be much smaller.

Time for the perfect getaway? Here are 5 decisions you need to make first.

Decide on.. your accommodation

There is so much variety now when it comes to picking the style of accommodation you will stay in. You could go classic, like a whistler hotel or a beach villa. Or, you could go for something quirky, like a mountain-side yurt! Consider what is important to you. If you like a big and comfortable bed and a reliable shower, you might be happiest in a luxury hotel.

Decide on…. your transport

Even if you have booked your flights by now, chances are you’ll need more transport at least somewhere. It’s pretty unlikely you live within walking distance of your airport, after all! Planning your other transport ahead of time is likely to save you money. Book your train tickets, your coach travel or your taxis. Then, make a backup. Say, for instance; you’ve planned to take a taxi to the airport for an early morning flight. You need to make a plan for what will happen if your taxi doesn’t show. First off, store some extra local taxi numbers in your phone. Then, speak to a friend in the local area and ask if they’d be able to help you out should the worst happen. Good planning like this means you can put your mind at rest. Also, consider your transport on the other side. You might not have immediate access to WIFI where you are headed. If you need to take the bus to your accommodation, for example, find out where the bus stop is. Find out the bus number you need and the times it runs. Again, plan a backup solution.

Decide on… your packing

Most long-haul flights come with a large hold suitcase allowance anyway. If this is the case, you can pack far more liberally. However, if you are travelling with budget airlines or on a shorter route, you might be restricted to hand luggage. This is where packing carefully comes in! Give some serious thought to what you do and don’t need. Yes, you need clean underwear for every day. No, you don’t need a different pair of heels every day!


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