#BeNumberless: A 20-Something’s POV

Have you ever been judged for your age? I’m sure you have, even without realizing it at times, I bet.

I’ve experienced it myself and I know many other women who have as well. Unfortunately, age has come to dictate what we’re allowed to do or even what knowledge we’re allowed to have in our minds. That statement “You’re too young” is an ever-present barrier to expanding our worldview. It has become a factor in everything we do, but we have sadly allowed ourselves to continue to believe this antiquated societal rule.

Going to college, starting a career, getting married, having kids…EVERYTHING is dictated by age. The older we get, it seems, the less of a chance we are given to accomplish those goals. So, in addition to hearing “You’re too young,” we hear “You’re getting too old” too, and that is a phrase heard much too often by women of all ages.

But why does age take up so much retail space in our heads? Why is it even relevant anymore? Everyday, women like Lynn Ponder are proving society wrong by defying age stereotypes, fulfilling their greatest dreams while doing so. This should become the NEW norm, but in order for that to happen, action must be taken.

Nothing can be perpetuated unless there are people reinforcing it. That’s why, as a 20-something woman and graduate of a feminist-oriented college in this (still) patriarchal society, I fully support the #BeNumberless movement with the hope that it can change the age-centered mentality directed towards women and shift that focus instead to our present. Age reflects the past and all the time left behind, but life should be lived in the present, shouldn’t it? Why limit ourselves by a number that doesn’t represent who we truly are?

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The #BeNumberless movement is a critical step in the advancement of women in our society where judgment and stereotypes rule. It will empower us to fulfill our potential and will serve as a daily reminder that we can achieve anything without worrying how our age will be perceived while we fight for our dreams.

Set that number aside. #BeNumberless. You just might change the world.

Erica DAurora

Author: Erica DAurora

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