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There are many heartening lessons we can learn from J Balvin. He is an excellent example of the amazing things that can happen when you fight for your dreams. But perhaps what is to be admired most about this inspired dreamer is his resilience.


Although he is now flying high on the success of his hits “6AM,” “Ay Vamos,” and “Ginza,” the latter of which he performed this past February during Italy’s Sanremo music festival, many might not know the obstacles he’s overcome on the way to fame. This feature from Billboard recounts his remarkable journey in detail.

As he has stated over and over again, he just wants to be real. To me, being real can only mean one thing, and that’s being true to oneself. At one point early in his career, Balvin did lose sight of his true self, including his passion for music, but he recognized that and fought to reclaim what he had lost–and that is admirable. He didn’t spiral into darkness or let himself be lead down a self-destructive path. Every time he has been in danger of sacrificing himself, he recognized it and prevented the situation from escalating into catastrophe.

webcitygirls are big dreamers and we LOVE that he so appropriately emphasizes the importance of dreaming as well. His dreams are now becoming his reality, after all. Still, he acknowledges that dreams require hard work to achieve. In the Billboard interview, he stated: “There’s no dream without sacrifice,” and his eyes reveal that he has indeed made plenty of sacrifices to get to where he is today. Heavy and wise and filled with kindness, they sparkle with the excitement of dreams yet to be fulfilled.

And after everything he’s been through he still doesn’t take himself too seriously. He knows how to have fun, that’s for sure. If you follow him on Instagram, where he has an astronomical 9.5 million + seguidores, you will see that this is the place where his personality truly shines. From sharing his morning coffee in short clips on Instagram to his goofy videos with amigo Nicky Jam, fans can delight in his lighthearted hijinks.

It is also through social media that you will see the crucial role fashion plays in his identity as an artist, y el fashionista has admitted his admiration for the fashion ventures of producer/rapper Kanye West and the business savvy of mogul Jay Z. Now it is not a matter of if but WHEN Balvin will become the next mogul of not only the Latin music industry, but of the entire entertainment industry regardless of language or geographic location.

And it comes as no surprise that he has expressed interest in crossing over into the English-language music market. You can already find him as a featured artist on remixes of “Blurred Lines,” (Robin Thicke, T.I., Pharrell), “Can’t Stop Dancing” (Becky G), “The Way” (Ariana Grande), and “Sorry” (Justin Bieber). Should he become a full-fledged crossover artist, he will slay the English-language market without question.

Este reggaetonero de Medellín, Colombia, is destined to find success that knows no bounds. With a sharp, business-oriented mind and contagious charisma, he is skyrocketing into massive superstardom while revolutionizing the world of música urbana.

J Balvin, you are a force to be reckoned with, my friend! Pa’lante!

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Check out the new remix de “Ginza” en portugués and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @JBALVIN.

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