What Does #BeNumberless Mean?

I’ve spent more than a decade doing the opposite of what society and culture allows a woman to do depending on her age. It turns out that for society, culture, and HOLLYWOOD, your age is like a disease. It’s a number with an expiration date. The bigger the number, the bigger the limitations on finding a job in the corporate world; and if you are in the entertainment world, good luck being considered.

I shared my new lifestyle concept #BeNumberless in a heartfelt interview with the sensational actress, host and influencer Gaby Espino with the hope that, through the power of social media, we can change society’s perception of the number age and instead refocus on who we are as human beings and the goodness we bring to the world.


In speaking with my dear friend Marger, who is a talented singer beyond belief, I have learned that she has also had to deal with a lifetime of challenges brought upon her by her age as well as the limitations imposed on her by society because of it. When she was 24 years old, the entertainment industry said she was already too old to be successful, but she beat the odds and made her dream her reality. When discussing time, she told me: “Time does not really exist. Time is the speed of light and gravity. The speed of light is a reality; it is a mathematical equation.” So if time doesn’t really exist, then age must not exist either. Right?

Society tells us how we should dress, how we should feel and look, and we are criticized if we date younger or older men depending on our number. I firmly believe that our society and culture have turned age into a life sentence, forcing limitations upon us after we reach a certain number. Therefore, the #BeNumberless movement aims to both change the critical mentality in our culture regarding a woman’s age and to encourage the world to STOP defining us by a number, an obstacle faced by women of all ages every day.

I am living proof that in life one is not defined by the number of years lived in this world. I created my reality by having a strong will and the determination to defy the odds against me. After 20 years as an entrepreneur owner of an international production company, I started a new career and a new business model to reinvent myself in the digital world, proving that anyone can start a new dream without fears of being told you are too young or too old. I have defied the stereotype of age, both in social media and in real life.

Do not let society dictate what you are allowed to do because of your age. You are NOT a NUMBER. Do not let a NUMBER define what you can do with your life to gain success and happiness. Drop the age number and become unstoppable. #BeNumberless. This NEW concept will bring you a highly fulfilled life of confidence, success, and happiness.




Author: Lynn Ponder

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